Wyatt Morgan

Rebecca's oldest and dearest friend, Wyatt was born — appropriately enough — in Morganville, the small mining town founded by a several times great-grandfather. He came to the Lone Pine with his parents when he and Rebecca were in their second year. They became fast friends, thick as thieves, and inseparable after they had a mud fight and happily tracked mud all through the main house in search of cookies.

When they got old enough to start lessons, Uncle T taught them both, and Wyatt fell easily into addressing the former lawman the same way Rebecca did. When Rebecca started learning to ride, Wyatt was right behind her. Wyatt's father started to teach him how to fire a pistol, Rebecca was right on his heels. She decided she wanted to learn to handle a whip, they pestered one of the hands to teach them and then practiced on their own. Eric taught her hand-to-hand and Wyatt was right there. It was only natural when Rebecca observed her mother and Uncle T making out in the parlor that she would take it to Wyatt as the next thing they needed to learn.


Much like T, Wyatt is soft-spoken and the strong silent type when around other people. With Rebecca and his brother Zach, Wyatt is gregarious and outgoing. He can go from cracking a whip and driving a herd almost ruthlessly, to being gentle and nurturing when nursing an injured colt back to health. While not quite as gifted as his side-kick, Wyatt has much the same gift with horses that she does. He is among the handful of Horse Speakers that make their home at the Lone Pine. He is not quick to anger unless you make the mistake of insulting Rebecca or being cruel to a horse, and then he is more then capable of handing out a whuppin'.

Wyatt and Rebecca have an "understanding" that they arrived at naturally over the course of their lives. Of course, there was that one time he asked Eric for permission to court his daughter, but they don't talk about that….


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