That's A Wrap

Sadly, the game was called for lack of consistent participation by other players. The following are wrap up questions from players and answered by the GM.

What was the violet moon? Who was behind it?

The Violet Moon was a recurring effect from before Amber. Cooperation involving Amber, Tir and Rebma had kept its effect at bay until recently.

Where is Dworkin? Why did he disappear?

Dworkin was caught - briefly - in a trap set by the scions of an unknown Power. Being who he is, they didn't hold him long, but their primary location is in the Abyss, so even he was facing trouble getting out quickly.

What happened at the Fount of Power?

The aforementioned unknown Power has been enhancing the Fount, in preparation for an attack on Amber. They weren't ready as of game close, but were getting there.

Did Dierdre really come back from the Abyss or was she some kind of ghost? Who were the castle ghosts? I thought one of them could be Mandor.

It really was Dierdre. She really came back from the Abyss. The Castle Ghosts were manifestations of another Power, controlled by Delwin and Sand.

How many, if any, of the rumours Saffron and Skye found were true?

About a third of them.

  • Eric was actually the best swordsman and general in Amber. Benedict is the best propagandist. (Well, again, partially true. Benedict was best, but Eric eventually overmatched him - but neither of them actually realised it. Corwin didn't actually best Eric in swordfighting, he bested him in trash talk.)
  • Certain songs, sung in the right place, will transport the singer to another world.
  • There is a land older than Amber, older than Chaos.
  • Hiding inside Corwin's Tomb at midnight on a new moon will send you somewhere else. (Partially true. It's any cenotaph, and it's the Full Moon.)
  • The Lighthouse at Cabra has a hidden door, leading to a staircase that leads down into the earth.
  • When the full moon rises purple, Tir'na Nog'th will become real and remain forever. (Partially true. It remains truly accessible during the Violet Moon, but once that time passed, it would have returned to its 'normal' state.)
  • Llewella is the real power in Rebma.
  • The Headmistress of the College is a hidden Royal. (Mirelle, to be precise.)
  • A ghost wanders the south docks of the city. (The ghost of Osric. Yes, he's an actual ghost. Had to be one. :-) )
  • There is another Realm connected to Amber, just like Rebma and Tir'na Nog'th. (Amber is Earth, Rebma is Water, Tir is Air. Guess what the fourth is.)
  • Fiona and Llewella are lovers.
  • A great and secret treasure lies beneath the castle. (Well, a treasure of knowledge, anyway. An old Cenotaph that Dworkin used to find Amber. He buried it deep beneath the castle for luck.)

Where were Saffron & Skye at game end?

One of the original 'real' places that existed prior to Amber. I figured about fifty existed prior to Amber.

What was with the freaky power trails there?

That particular place had been set up as a Sanctum by a powerful sorcerer. Those trails were basically connections to nearby Shadows (and Real places) draining their magic into it.

What was that Pattern in the secret corridor?

A Proto-Pattern, essentially. A means of focusing the Will, for the most part. It wouldn't have allowed travel, but a trained Will could use it to effect changes even in Amber, though they'd have been minor.

Why did the blank pages in Gerard's book smell odd?

A bleach compound that he used to erase the rest of the pages. Something on them he didn't much like.

What was up with the black blade?

The black blade was one of the first methods used to cross from world to world. Basically, think Phillip Pullman's The Subtle Knife. It cut through the fabric of worlds to where the wielder envisioned. Being, as it was, an early effort, it was very unsubtle, and did some lasting damage, which is why it was hidden where it was.

Why did the Unicorn touch my (Gideon's) leg?

She gave Gideon a blessing, of sorts, as he was seeking answers to the issues facing Amber, and went through her area in the process.

What was up with that stone circle where I (Gideon) found the sword?

That was a vault, of sorts, intended to keep the sword hidden for all time. It was, of course, not proof against an Amberite.

What was the deal with the ring and the ruby we (Saffron & Skye) found at the cenotaphs?

Each was an item of Power. The Ruby was the Jewel of Judgement from the potential alternate universe that was forming.

Well, not exactly an 'alternate universe'. More like a change to Amber itself that was resulting from the stresses of Tir's appearance, the Violet moon and a few other things.

The ring was Corwin's from that potential history - a Power built on song.

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