Coat of Arms: Or a Celtic Cross per pale Purpure and Vert

Occupation: Artist

Parentage: Unknown


Siblings: Unknown

Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Known Relationships: Carmen has made many friends in the City. Of course, she is closest to her live-in lover, but she seems friendly with Jack and Kaylee, Random's twins. They are fellow artists, despite the difference in medium. She gets on well with Llewella, though it appears to be a Mentor/Student relationship.

Trump Description: Sprawled on the floor with the skirt of her rose colored gown heaped around her, Carmen is completely at ease, arms resting on a low chair that has seen better days as she eyes the caller over her shoulder. One gets the impression they have interrupted the artist in mid-creation, and this had better be good.

General Personality: Carmen has the adventurous and passionate nature one would expect from an artist, though she can be very single-minded when working. Get her speaking on a topic she feels deeply about and she can speak at length directly from the heart. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, but rather disinterested in her enemies. The opposite of love isn't hate after all; it's indifference.


Physical Description: 5'7" with a slender build, long brown hair and moss green eyes. Carmen prefers to dress in flowing, romantic dresses and skirts that run the gamut from neutral colors to vibrant jewel tones. She would be right at home in the gypsy lifestyle of her namesake. She has an easy smile, and normally a warm disposition. She prefers to avoid high tension situations when at all possible, as "tension interferes with the creative flow…"

Distinguishing Marks: Carmen has a delicate and vibrant tattoo of a dragonfly and morning glories, but only a select few have actually seen it.

Hang-outs and Haunts: Carmen maintains a large apartment in the Artist District in Amber City, where she lives with her long-time lover, Remington Burroughs. She has been known to spend a significant time in Rebma. She and Remington are a familiar sight around the Quarter and can often be found in one of the many street cafes in the neighborhood.

Casting: Kate Beckinsale
Remington: Hugh Jackman


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