Tristan "T" James

Taming the Wild West fell into the hands of a unique, new breed of gunslinger. Men dedicated to bringing law, order and peace to an otherwise chaotic and lawless land. Tristan James was one of those men.


Born and raised in Carson's Gulch, T was the son of the local Sheriff, and had nothing but the greatest respect for his father and the law the man fought to uphold. He was still a boy when his father was gunned down in the line of duty, but it paved the path he would follow for most of his adult life. Despite his mother's pleas, T grew into his father's footsteps and then surpassed them when he was appointed the Regional Marshall.

It was during his time as a lawman that he was relocated to Silver City; the largest town in his region. It was there that he met the woman who would eventually become his wife.

Catherine Harland was tall, strong-willed, young, and sharp as a whip. She was so far outside T's experience that it took him some time just to get up the gumption to ride out to her ranch and introduce himself. Before he knew what had happened, Cat had put him to work. Bemused, he did as he was told, and it wasn't until supper that he got around to telling her he was a lawman. She just smirked and told him to wash his own dishes.

The pair became friends long before they were anything else, despite the 15 year age difference. He didn't realize there was anything else until the charismatic Eric showed up. He stood back and watched the two dance around each other, kept an eye on things when Cat took up with him. He played his cards close to the vest for all the months Eric was around, and even after he left. It was several years of visits before Cat found herself pregnant.


It didn't bother her none; she never much cared what people thought, and she already knew Eric wasn't to be pinned down anymore then she was. T found he didn't much care either. Completely skipping the courting phase, he confessed the true depth of his affections and proposed. Where Eric couldn't have pinned her, T's honest and heart felt confession did the trick.

Retiring after her birth, Tristan treated Rebecca like she was his, although he was very careful to make sure she knew that while he loved her, he was not her father. He didn't want her confused by him and Eric and he explained it all when she was old enough to understand. Cat was busy running the ranch, so much of Rebecca's education fell to her patient and soft spoken Uncle T. He encouraged her to be bold, to speak her mind, taught her how to defend herself, and not take guff from anyone.

Jealousy was a useless emotion in his opinion, and unnecessary. Eric wasn't going to try and woo Catherine from him, and he seemed content to let Cat and himself raise Rebecca without interference. He was only around a couple times a year anyway. On one such visit, T invited Eric to join him for brandy and cigars and the two spoke long into the night to work out the details. Over the years a mutual respect was built between the two men; based on their affection for the young girl who was turning out to be very much like her mother.

Tristan was the first to notice Cat's failing health, but even he was unable to convince her to take it easy. The horses and the Lone Pine were her first love, and she wasn't about to give it anything but her best until she drew her last breath. He knew the moment that happened; a stallion bellowed and every one of the 300 plus horses on the Pine went silent.

Cat left the ranch to her daughter, but Rebecca left him in charge. He runs it as Cat did, though he isn't as gifted as she was with the horses. Even with Rebecca far away, he still thinks of her as his, and always keeps a lamp burning for her to welcome her home.


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