Aurora's Dossier

Coat of Arms: Quarterly sable and argent, a cross patonce counterchanged

Occupation: Sorceress. Empress Commander of the battle station Fury. Currently commands the Ghostwheel, though now that Merlin has been found this is likely to change.

Parentage: Youngest child of Kadman:Prince of Twilight Roses, and Eden: Lady of the Birds. Maternal Grandparents -Fiona and Mandor. Paternal Grandfather-Corwin


Siblings: Of the eight children of Kadman and Eden born in this dimension's Chaos, Aurora is the only one known to be living. She hasn't seen her brothers and sisters since her "death" in 2003 on another dimension's Shadow Earth where their father had sent them in the year 1,000 C.E. to hide them from those intent on wiping out their House.

Children: Aurora has one living child at this time. A daughter with Kieran named Persephone. She has spoken of other children from her time trapped in another Shadow Earth, but all died, mostly of natural causes; none lived past their second century. She suspects it was because she was not in her home dimension at the time and had never imprinted on any Great Power, but can't swear to it. The child dearest to her heart from her former life was Alexander, the Heir of Huntingdon.

Apparent Age: Late Twenties/Early Thirties. Aurora was 1,011 yrs old at the time of her death on Shadow Earth, then cocooned for 5,000 Amber years, making her the oldest of the sleepers, even some of the Elders because of dimensional time differences.

Known Relationships: Aurora has been in a three-way relationship with Kieran and Sophia since the group woke up in the ruins of Amber. Between them they have two children; Tytus (Sophia) and Persephone (Aurora). Recent discoveries are changing the dynamics of the relationship, however. She gets on well with Robert, Flora, and Caine the Younger. She has a comfortable working relationship with Andelia and Damara, and is in the process of building a relationship with her recently awakened grandmother, Fiona. New findings in Chaos are bringing surprising relationships to the fore. Of the five people she freed when she killed their cruel Chaosian Master intent on destroying Amber, she works most with Avarya.

Trump Description: She stands in front of a sunset awash in pinks and purples; the light and colors making her red-gold curls vibrant. Shadowy images of a pentagram and herself in other poses complete the background of the black-clad sorceress eyeing the watcher with a look and pose slightly mischievous, and a touch sultry.


General Personality: Aurora is generally good-natured and cheerful with a sometimes risqué sense of humor. She takes a certain perverse delight in catching the people around her off-guard with some of the things she says. Having spent most of her previous life alone or hiding what she was, Aurora still isn't comfortable in large groups of strangers, and even Kieran and Sophia are not always privy to her personal thoughts and feelings.

Physical Description: 5'2", slender with the musculature of an archer and someone familiar with hand-to-hand combat. Naturally curly red-gold hair and vibrant green eyes, along with her normally pale skin provide a startling contrast. Most of the time she can't be bothered to do anything with the wildly tumbling mass of curls, but she has on occasion gone to the effort to straighten it into a curtain of fire that falls past her shoulders. Aurora never takes off the silver chain and glass bead necklace that holds a crystal, a silver pentagram, and a silver ring; all things she woke up with that have great sentimental value to the sorceress.

Distinguishing Marks: None. The cocoons healed everything, including old scars and the stylized hawk that was once branded on her right hip.


Hang-outs and Haunts: Aurora has spent most of her time in Kieran's shadow of Xanadu with Kieran and Sophia raising their children. Kieran runs several high-end hotels, and Sophia and Aurora have been teaching and studying various magics and talking to Ghostwheel. When not there, she has been onboard the Fury, learning the systems and operations, for despite her "Earth Mother" roots and being the Founder of Wicca and the Neo-Pagan movement on Shadow Earth, Aurora delights in the very existence of the Fury.

Notable Achievements: Aurora single-handedly rebuilt the Temple of the Unicorn in Amber, discovered and took command of Ghostwheel, set slavers on fire, discovered buried and hidden caches of survivor cocoons, and blew an attacking pirate fleet out of the water with the help of Sophia; injuring them both severely in the process. She, Robert and Kieran put the speculation of Amber's second moon to rest by taking a crystal shuttle into space and reclaiming the space station Fury, which recognizes her as Empress. During that time, she also freed the enslaved shapeshifters from their murderous Master (which earned her healing time in a cocoon), only to have them enslave themselves to her, giving her five people who put her life and interests above their own and live only to do her bidding. She isn't comfortable with the situation, but has had to live with it until she can come up with something for them to do. Aurora also counts Persephone among her notable achievements, even if she often has a hard time understanding her daughter.

Also Known As: Aurora has used many names in her past, though she always held on to her first name so it was easier for her siblings to find her if they had to start the search from scratch. Most notable have been Aurora, Duchess of Huntingdon; Aurora Eden; Aurora Huntingdon; Aurora del la Giardino and Aurora Alexander. Under the Omega Protcools she is known as Empress of the Second Imperium of Omber (AIs of the Fury), and Administrator (Ghostwheel).

Casting: Dina Meyer

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