Dossier of Francesca Castellani

Coat of Arms: Quarterly, 1 & 4: purpure, a cinquefoil or, 2 & 3: or, a fleur-de-lys purpure

Occupation: Race Horse Owner, Author, Dilettante.

Parentage: Daughter of Princess Florimel of Amber and Niccolò di Michele di Vanni Castellani


Known Relationships: None.

Children: None.

Trump Description: She stands before the ruins of the Coliseum of Rome that stands stark against a star-strewn purple sky. All attitude and Come Hither, the women is seen side on, her head turned to the viewer, dark eyes assessing from under the brim of the black flat brimmed hat she wears. One hand reaches for the hat brim, the other clutches the open edge of the black matador jacket worn over a crisp white shirt. The open collar and cuffs make the image relaxed, look almost inviting, though not as inviting as the red clad shadowy image over her shoulder.

General Personality: Francesca is friendly enough on first meeting, and often appears flighty and superficial in public, but underneath that is woman deep passions and fierce intellect.

Hang outs & Haunts: Francesca is an exceptional dancer, and if there is a place nearby for it, she can often be found there. A life long love of classical music means she can also be perfectly content to wile away hours at a keyboard. She is an accomplished rider and tries to ride at least once a day. Outside of that? Surely there's someone around worthy of her attention.

Physical Description: 5' 10". 145 lbs with curves and muscle definition from riding, dancing, and swinging a sword. Dark hair and dark eyes.

Pets: Francesca rides a golden Akhalteke stallion named Ramses. She also owns Dorado, a golden Bengal cat.

Casting: Paz Vega

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