Summary 1468 - 1700


Aurora disappeared into the artistic community of Milan, where she befriended Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. A man before his time, Aurora spent hours prowling through his workshops and discussing his various inventions. For her he painted two things that she would keep with her for the rest of her life; a portrait of Alexander and a painting of the emotion charged goodbye between her and her husband.


She watched the Reformation and the goings on with the Catholic Church as avidly as one would a sporting event. Still avoiding returning to England, Aurora nonetheless involved herself by spreading news, slipping in sly innuendo, funding the Anglican Church and Martin Luther. The Jesuits made her nervous and she kept an eye on them ever after.

Despite having family scattered all over the world, and surrounding herself with educated minds and studies, Aurora was reminded more then once just how lonely she was. Trapped in a world not her own, there was little she could do but continue to try and make the most of it. But even after centuries, she had never found any hint of the world of her birth.

She met Michel de Nostredame in Marseille where they were both assisting with the victims of an outbreak of the Plague. It was she that opened his mind up to the possibilities of the Occult. Aurora encouraged his visions, insisted that he keep meticulous notes, and brought him to the attention of Catherine de Médicis. Visions of her own sent Aurora away from France and back to Italy before his death, taking with her their son; Julian Alexander.

Her son had established himself as a Healer in Tuscany, and it did her heart good to see him settle down and start a family of his own. He was old enough to understand the road ahead, and had waited until he was in his second century of life before marrying and starting a family. He would age with his wife, and never know the pain that had plagued his immortal mother.

Societal changes forced Aurora to consider marriage again. She couldn't bring herself to commit even a part of her life to another soldier, so she stayed with the community of artists and scholars that didn't mind a woman with a functioning brain. She married an artist with golden hair, a fondness for brandy, and wild passions. The first time he raised a hand to her in anger she had been too shocked to protect herself. The second time would be the last; she killed him where he stood with a thought that exploded his heart.

Aurora left Italy for the last time. She returned to Calais, married a local noble in a ceremony full of lies, and again became a trophy wife. Nothing was expected of her save that she look pretty, keep her opinions to herself, and produce an Heir. She was allowed enough freedoms to keep her sane. Hawking among them. More then one hunting party encroached on the Baron's lands as Aurora scoured the area she had first appeared in for any traces of magic; any clue.

She wasn't happy but she hadn't expected to be. Her husband was vain and a bit of an idiot. When the local priest started mutterings about the lack of an heir after five years, Aurora cursed him with painful boils when no one was looking. But she got the point and stopped the herbs and spells that were suppressing her fertility.

She stayed until her son and daughter were old enough to understand what she had to tell them about their heritage and the need for secrecy. Then she staged her disappearance. She would return for them later. The three would relocate to Greece for a few decades before Aurora was once again traveling.

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