Shadows of Childhood


A fairy tale land of sugar-cloud-castles and winged horses, Stratus presents a visitor with every appearance of perfect bliss. All the stories of the realm have long since ended with "happily ever after".

Those who grew up in Stratus will know that no land inhabited by man is free of intrigue, injustice, or hardship, but these elements are strictly taboo, never mentioned in conversation and never ever exposed to outsiders.

Stratus is rich in magic, as is evident by their cloud cities and flying horses. Many branches of magic are studied and practiced here, though the sensual Tantra style magics seem to be at the fore of the Royal family's arsenal of Powers

Icaria, Queen of Stratus and mother to Rochelle and Gilian, is a shrewd diplomat and ruler and is a close friend of Princess Fiona who visits often.



A fogbound world of mountain glens and hidden lakes. Castles abound, and the people are ruled in a benignly negligent feudal system, where the rituals of feudalism are maintained.

Life is, to all appearances, easy, with the harsh land yielding surprisingly lush bounty, and neither war nor famine threaten the people. Scylln is known for a rich bardic tradition, the fine quality of their whiskey, and the superior make of their swords.

Gustav von Luxemburg rules Scylln and is a jolly sort and a man of expansive gestures and rich laughter. He can compete with any bard in his land, is well known for his ability to tell the greatest of whoppers as if it was gospel truth, and can drink damn near anyone under the table. Gustav is a widower and shows no signs of remarrying or of slowing down, though he is considered still young, being only in his early Forties.



Largely comprised of wooded forests, the forests of Madriga are deep and primeval. The people are a fierce; an independent breed that prize skill at the hunt and at war. Their passage of power is matriarchal, but social responsibilities and privileges are disproportionately assigned to the males.

Rafeal de Rosa, ruler of Madriga, is a quiet man, only speaking when he has something to say. He is a beloved ruler because of his unquestioned fairness of mind and his love of his land and his people. He views war as a necessary evil, though he is quite proficient with his sword and is a master strategist.

Madriga has an ongoing war with Selene, over some slight now centuries old. Both sides raid against the other, though both do a better job of defending their native soil than of making any gains against their enemies.



The land of autumn twilight is the court of Titania, the faerie queen, and her knights and servitors. Magic and glamour are prevalent, so much so that inherited magic strength is the bias of a rigid class structure.

Beautiful and Elegant, Tatania has ruled Selene for as long as most people remember. Tatania is a a consummate diplomat and Selene enjoys several mutually beneficial trade agreements with the shadows around them. Tatania works hard to preserve the culture of Selene and the mystic that surrounds it to outsiders. She is also adamant about maintaining the purity of the Fae of her kingdom and is down right rabid in maintaining the security of her people and Selene. She wears the crown jewel of her kingdom, an opalescent stone known as the Soul of Selene

Metal of any sort, particularly steel weapons, are strictly forbidden in this world, from long tradition.

Selene is the sole source of Stardust, the most addictive drug known to this region of Shadow and beyond. As a result, it is the destination of many smugglers.


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