Her Grace Skye, Duchess of Amber

“May your blades glisten with the blood of your enemies and your ears echo with their dying screams as you dance on their bones."Traditional Scythian Warrior Blessing before battle


Born into a culture of swordmaids, shield sisters, and sorcerers, Skye grew up as the favored daughter of the Queen. Favored, but not Eldest, Skye was never meant to inherit the Scythian throne of Penthesilea. She was meant for bigger things in the far off land of her father. Eric's grand tales assured Penthesilea and she agreed to raise Skye in a manner befitting this foreigner's lands. But she would also be a daughter of Scythia as surely as a child of Amber.

Queen by right of arms, Penthesilea took on Skye's training herself. Schooled in all manner of weapons, Skye's proficiency turned out to be double long-knives and archery. Eric visited as often as he could, and when he did, he worked with her as well. But that wasn't the extent of his interest in his daughter. He was an attentive father when he visited, and was obviously fond of his only child. On her fourteenth birthday he gifted her with the blades and bow she still carries that he had commissioned for her.

A few years later, Skye was a blooded warrior when Eric took the Regency. He slipped away when he had the chance to fetch her to Amber. Knowing the dangers she might be subjected to, she was introduced as the daughter of a favored Shadow noble. Which was true, if not exact. She hid her blades away and acted the part she had been cast in while she began to learn her way around Amber and the Castle. Skye had always been rather quiet, so it wasn't difficult for her to watch and learn; to slip in and out of places unobserved by most. Eric took the precaution of telling Gerard and Benedict who she really was - in case something happened to him before he had the opportunity to make it known himself


It wasn't until he was King that he acknowledged her as his daughter to the rest of the family, though she wasn't officially Recognized. Doing so would have made her Heir and Princess, putting her in more danger, which Eric wished to avoid.

Eric tried to shield her from the worst, but wasn't always successful. She saw a side of her father she hadn't before in his interactions with Corwin. But having grown up in the Court of a Warrior Queen, the only thing she didn't understand was why he didn't just kill him instead of blinding him.


Skye had unquestionably loved her father and she took his death particularly hard when she was told of it after the battle. As was possibly expected, Skye blamed Corwin and it was only Gerard that kept her from fetching her blades by reminding her the lengths Eric had gone to in order to keep her safe. But that didn't stop the dark looks she gave Corwin every time they were in the same room.

When everyone else deployed to the front, Skye was told to stay put; this time by Benedict who calmly reminded her of the same things Gerard had, and then ask her to make sure nothing happened to the acting Regent while they were gone. It was exactly the right thing to say.

Skye spent a lot of time with Gerard when he was free. He told her stories about a younger Eric, of his rivalry with Corwin - which she already knew, but Gerard's was a different perspective. He talked about his brothers - Caine and Julian and their younger days. He drew stories from Skye of her homeland, her mother and the times Eric had visited much to his young daughter's delight. Skye had seen the good side of Eric; the softer, gentler side that was sometimes difficult to reconcile with Eric the King. He was gone now, there was no harm in the telling. Especially to Gerard.

Skye took over Eric's old rooms while no one was around to tell her she couldn't. He had taken very little from here when he moved up the Royal Suite, and she had an opportunity to learn more about him in the things he left behind.


Opinions formed before things turned sour left Skye with a growing admiration for Gerard and Julian - who she had watched whenever he was in the castle, which was admittedly not often. But she had seen a nobility of spirit under that smirk. It was hearing that he had been the first to pledge fealty to the new King on the edge of the Abyss, and seeing the willingness that Gerard bent his knee to his youngest brother, that made up the mind of Eric's daughter. She stepped up right after Gerard to do the same. Despite Random having taken a pot shot at her father with a crossbow in the halls.

Skye spent some time getting used to the less tense atmosphere of the castle and the City now that the war was over. It helped that Corwin was no where to be seen. She found Random's Queen to be an interesting woman, who she privately believed was probably too good for him. She was more then worthy to bear the title of Amber's Queen, even if she was a far different Queen then Skye's mother was in distant Scythia.

Skye was never meant to spend long stretches of time doing nothing. She grew fidgety before too long and her eyes turned to Shadow. It was during that tour -and a visit back to Scythia - that she found Equinox, the mare that would become more then just a pretty horse to Skye. She had owned horses before, but none had bonded with her quite like this one.

Upon her return to Amber, she skulked around the castle for a few weeks, catching up with things and people. But it was as if she had an itch she couldn't scratch, and soon her eyes were turning towards Arden.

Skye discovered Arden to be even more what she had been looking for then she had expected. Being a member of the Royal Family gave her a certain amount of autonomy as a Ranger; even when assigned to a unit, she had more leeway then the others and was treated as a unit unto herself by the Warder. She could have peace and quiet when she wanted it by going out to scout the far reaches of Arden. When she found herself needing the company and companionship of her fellows, she returned to the regular patrols. She never made an issue of her noble rank, and so it wasn't an issue to the ones she called friends.

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