Penthesilea the Conqueror

Queen of the Scythians, Penthesilea won of the Throne of Scythia after a four year long war. She led the single largest army ever raised to topple the corrupt and malignant rule of Opoin the Mad.

Stern, but fair, Penthesilea is well respected by her people. Her generosity in rewarding those loyal to Scythia and the Throne is as legendary as her swift and harsh punishing of those who are not.

In a land ruled by swordmaids, Eric immediately caught her attention. Handsome, charming, charismatic, the Queen could not help but be intrigued. It was not until after he had warmed her bed more then once that she discovered he was an exceptional warrior himself. Whatever arrangement they came to remains to this day between the two of them, but he was no stranger to the Scythian Court. At least until the disappearance of his father from Amber. By that time, Penthesilea had already born him a daughter, and further arrangements were made between them.

While she hadn't been in love with him, Penthesilea had respected Eric and enjoyed his company. She was saddened to hear of his death when Skye returned home after Patternfall to relay the news of the war. He had not been Scythian, but a warrior fallen in battle was to be honored, and he was honored in Scythia as a fallen hero with great ceremony overseen by his lover and their daughter.

Penthesilea rules still in Scythia, and Skye returns at least once a year to reconnect with her roots and her mother.

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