Rochelle Strata

Conceived at the culmination of a Tantric ritual between Bleys and Icaria, Rochelle was not only wanted, but was planned every step of the way and was terribly spoiled and dotted upon. Her birthday was a national holiday, and she had her own entourage and guards from the moment she drew breath. Bleys was insuffarbly pleased. Icaria claims to this day that Bleys was the one responsible for all the hoopala surrounding Rochelle's birth. Why would Bleys do that? Who knows. People who like him say it was just because he wanted a daughter and, indeed, he has done a pretty good job with her. Those who have less than a generous opinion, put it down as vanity. Rochelle is indeed beautiful. She has the same fiery tresses as her father, the same blue eyes and the same outgoing and passionate personality, tempered by her mother's more introspective, though forceful, personality. People who don't like Bleys, do tend to like his daughter, so maybe it was vanity and a desire to have a daughter.

A few years later, Gilian's birth was met with the same pomp and parades. Rochelle was a bit put out at first, but she was soon fascinated by her younger sibling and insisted that Gilian was with her as much as possible. Bleys and Icaria never played favorites as the girls were growing up. But as they reached their teens, it became obvious that Gily would not be the student of the family magics that Rochelle was; not for lack of ability, but for lack of interest in that branch of magic. Consequently, Rochelle and Icaria spent more time together and she and her mother remain very close.


Bleys and Icaria never formalized their relationship, though it still continues. Her Majesty rules with Sir Talen as her Royal Consort. Talen was as much a part of Rochelle's life as either of her parents, more in the case of Bleys. One can still see his influence on Rochelle in that quiet intensity she falls into when in the pursuit of whatever her goals are at any given time.

Rochelle was presented in Oberon's Court fully prepared for what was waiting for her. Between her father and the frequent coaching from Fiona, she was ready for the expectations, and was glad to finally put a personality to the faces her father had shown her in his Trump deck. She was a little on the young side when she walked the Pattern, but it was another thing that Fiona and her father had prepared her (and her sister) for. As was expected, she went out to make her mark in Shadow shortly after her Pattern walk. She didn't shy away from anything, throwing herself into things much like her father.


After a few Shadow years, she found herself in Terra. The city of Naw'lens on the southern coast she found herself on appealed to her with its active night life, colorful people, and diverse theater district. She set up housekeeping and made a name for herself on the stage, taking the stage name Rochelle Strata as a hat-tip to her birthplace. Used to the life of a Princess adored by her people, the life of a celebrity suited her just fine. In truth, Rochelle loves her theater life. She is hard working and devotes herself to it with a gusto and verve few can match.

She is often photographed on the arm of a noted author and History Professor from a prestigious Ivy-League university half way around the world. Neither claims a serious romantic relationship, but they do maintain a close friendship that has lasted for years, and the pair are media darlings.

When in the Shadow she has made home, Rochelle appears in at least one show a year and the Mardis Gras review at the local musical theater. The locals conveniently forget that Rochelle isn't from around there and claim her as their own.

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