Reputation is game specific to They Came to Amber. It is a statement of what is known of the character at game start. It will not appear for any of the other characters on this site.

Generally unknown to most Amberites, though those who fought in the main force during Patternfall might remember her (or not, it was a very hectic battle, after all). Her parentage is currently unknown, though she has a fairly aristocratic bearing, and is almost certainly of noble blood. During Patternfall, she was brought to the Courts by Flora, and fought as part of the main cavalry force. She has not been seen in Amber since then.

Does not possess rooms in the castle, as she is not acknowledged family. It is unknown which Shadow she calls home.

Soldiers who observed her in battle during Patternfall recall her as an amazingly skilled warrior, and in fact, Lord Albrecht has praised her horsemanship and skill with a blade a number of times since.


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