Rebecca K. James

"You wish you could ride like a girl"

Born in Shadow Cimarron, Rebecca was raised by her mother on the Lone Pine horse ranch just outside Silver City. Until her thirteenth birthday, Rebecca grew up secure in the knowledge that the world was the Lone Pine and a little bit more. But once her father explained a few facts, she knew who and what she was, and that her future did not lie in Cimarron. Not that it had any effect at all on how she conducted herself.

Raised in the rough and tumble setting of a horse ranch, Rebecca grew up surrounded by none of the trappings of her father's world. Stubborn and fearless at an early age, Rebecca threw herself headlong into anything the boys were doing. With an absent father, Rebecca didn't have a steady male influence, but she had a whole host of surrogate uncles in the men around the Lone Pine. Not always the most responsible of role models.

When her father did come around, he made certain it was a memorable and grand time for his daughter. There were always gifts that were geared to her life on the ranch. That they would prove useful in a different context, she wouldn't realize until years later.


Her mother and Eric maintained a friendly relationship, but that's all there was too it; Katherine had moved on before Rebecca could walk, settling into a relationship with one of the ranch's cowboys. It was 'Uncle T' who encouraged young Rebecca to speak her mind and "Don't take no guff off nobody." A lesson Rebecca took to heart, and that Eric would come to wish she hadn't paid quite so much attention to in later years.

Around her sixteenth birthday, her father gave her a Trump card and taught her how to use it. When she called him several years later to report the death of her mother, Eric took advantage of the timing; it was two weeks before his Coronation. It gave her plenty of time to tend to her mother's final details. Eric couldn't get away for the funeral, and Rebecca was old enough to understand. But as soon as everything was taken care of, she packed everything up, saddled her horse, and Trumped him again.

He brought her through into the Royal Stables, and promptly regretted his choice of location. It took him nearly an hour to pry her out of there and to slip her into the castle. She was bustled into rooms prepared with great secrecy, dressed in what Eric picked out for her — which thankfully wasn't a dress (not that she was used to silk lined velvet dusters and satin bustiers) — and escorted to the ceremony by a confused but friendly Gerard.

Always the showman, Eric's Acknowledgment of his heretofore unknown offspring caused something of an uproar. Unlike many young women finding themselves in the eye of the storm, Rebecca just leaned against the side of her father's Throne, tilted back the dressy black Stetson with a finger badly in need of a manicure, and thoroughly enjoyed watching her father work a crowd.

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