Remington Burroughs, Esq.

The rebellious son of a minor noble house, Remington is a sculptor with the heart of a poet, the soul of a warrior, and the grumpiness of a bear first thing in the morning. He captivated Carmen from the moment they met and he thought nothing of picking up roots and relocating with her to Amber when she announced she was returning, despite his family's objections to their living arrangements.

As the second son, he well knew what was expected and what it meant. He decided early on he wanted more out of life, and went with his first love; sculpture. Much to his father's annoyance. But Remington's mother convinced her husband there was no harm in letting him attend the prestigious Begman Royal Academy of the Arts. If nothing else, he would have and understanding and knowledge of the Arts that would suit a young Lord.


Unfortunately for his mother, he met Carmen in his last year at the Academy when she was there during her tour of the Golden Circle. They met at a gallery opening and he was as captivated as she was. Soon spending their free time together became more and they moved into a converted loft apartment for the duration of his final year.

Knowing he had responsibilities at home, Carmen didn't ask him to come with her when it was time for her to go. But she didn't have to ask; he offered. Carmen was happy to agree. His family didn't take the news well, despite her being a member of the Royal Family of Amber; they'd heard plenty of stories concerning the treatment of lovers by Carmen's relatives. They loudly objected to the couple living together without benefit of marriage for those very reasons, but their objections fell on deaf ears. Remington felt his place was with Carmen, and he was happy to stay there until she told him to go - something that shows no sign of happening anytime soon. Carmen adores him-even first thing in the morning.

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