HRH Rochelle Strata

Coat of Arms: Per bend rayonny argent goutty purpure and purpure goutty argent, an increscent purpure and a heart argent

Occupation: Actress (Stage); Singer/Dancer

Parentage: HRH Bleys, Prince of Amber and Her Glory Icaria, Queen of Stratus


Titles: Her Royal Highness, Heir Apparent to the Throne of Stratus. Princess of Amber.

Siblings: A younger sister, Gilian, and a younger half-sister, Asha.

Children: None

Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Known Relationships: Rochelle is very close to her sister and parents, and can be perhaps overprotective of them all. She is firm friends with Vinta Bayle, and is on friendly terms with Caine and Gerard, and the rest of the Bayles. Rochelle has never quite gotten past her childhood impression of Julian as a knight in shining armor - though he certainly isn't hers - and has always treated him with the respect due a noble Knight. She is quite fond of Fiona, and gets along well with Flora over their many shared interests. She and Benedict have struck up a surprising friendship, and the two of them can be seen in lively conversations when he is in Amber for whatever official function has brought him back to the home fires.


Trump Description: She stands on the stairs of a theater, smiling at you over her shoulder. Her body is turned facing the stage and the floodlights, like a flower to the sun. But the pose allows the viewer the full effect of her sleeveless sheath gown of rose satin and its elaborate train. Vibrant red hair is pulled back in a loose, pony tail at the base of her neck. She is elegant, a touch mischievous, and perhaps a little dangerous. There are secrets in those eyes; secrets both seductive and deadly.

General Personality: Rochelle is generally friendly and vivacious, though she can be a bit of a snob, and has the casual arrogance of both a star and the Blood of Amber. She can be impulsive and flighty, but can also spend months or even years in the pursuit of a goal. She thinks nothing of throwing herself into danger for those she holds dear. Rochelle's use of magic seems casual and effortless in any of the disciplines she's proficient in. It is as much a part of her as her red hair.

Physical Description: 5'11" with a slender build, long, wavy red hair, flawless porcelain skin, and vibrant blue eyes, it isn't difficult to decipher Rochelle's heritage. Her years of dance are evident in the almost ethereal grace of her every move. Her style of dress covers the spectrum from jeans and t-shirts with often questionable sayings, to elegant evening gowns.


Distinguishing Marks: None

Hang-outs and Haunts: Rochelle spends most of her time in Shadow, specifically in Terra where she makes her home. A celebrity of the stage and glossy glamor magazines, she makes her home base in the southern coastal city of Naw'lens. A town of jazz bars and blues clubs and old world charm. Her time is split mostly between the theater and her house - which is guarded by her fierce black cat, Shadrac.

When she's in Amber, she is more often then not in the castle, or visiting the Bayle estate.

Casting: Nicole Kidman



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