05-The Beginning: 1075

(mild erotica)

Julian had shown Aurora how to use all of the wonders housed in his tower, as well as all the languages stored in his Library. He seemed to know all of the Scholarly tongues, reading them easily, and speaking most of the with almost native proficiency. Julian had books on almost every subject of Natural Philosophy, many of them in Arabic, Latin, and even Hebrew. Astronomy was a favorite of his, and as she would expect, he was an avid Naturalist. He did not sketch often, but if it was a plant or animal, he was excellent, and his own notes on the matter were impressive. Not surprisingly, he had begun to create a field guide on Sherwood itself, and there was a medicinal chapter regarding many of the herbs Aurora had been harvesting when they met.

It seemed that the the word 'polymath' was coined with Julian in mind. He knew quiet a bit about a great many things, though he certainly had his favorite subjects. Beth, who knew a little Latin, referred to him as 'Homo Universalis', or the Universal Man. He was the finest bowman in the region, possibly all England, a peerless hunter, and he had yet to be unseated at any tourney he had chosen to participate in. He was popular with his people, even adored, and anyone dwelling within his walls were given the added benefit of an education, if they wished it. Julian read to the children of his retainers, and made certain that his people could read and write in at least one language, so as 'to better serve him', a statement Aurora knew was rubbish. Julian wanted his folk to succeed in their endeavors, and to have the knowledge necessary to do so. Most Lords would horde both gold and knowledge, Julian freely invested in both enterprise and minds.

Of all the Lords, his lands were the most prosperous, with farming benefiting from both the educated Earl and his educated Countess. His people were healthy as well, and both he and Aurora had delivered their share of babies over the year, and tended to the sick. Julian naturally preferred Animal Husbandry, with Aurora tending to some of the Midwifery, but when necessary, they had been able to switch places. The Earl of Huntingdon took his position to be a privilege, it was his duty to care for and raise up his folk, and he had no tolerance for outsiders that upset the balance of his domain. Brigands, Raiders, ne'er do wells, were dealt with firmly, sometimes harshly, but always fairly.

It was a week until Beltane. People were already preparing the bonfires, the offerings, the costumes, the arbors scattered through the forest. Aurora stood at the rail of the tower and watched the settlement where a group was working on the Maypole that would be raised on the day of the celebrations.

She chewed her lip thoughtfully and turned back to her calculations. The Handfasting had been less then a year ago, and while a socially acceptable trial marriage, the truth was that they had only done it because they didn't have the patience to wait for a priest - or Beltane. Or even, Aurora smiled, the ability to keep their hands off each other to wait any longer. They still had a hard time keeping their hands off each other. She closed her eyes and let her mind focus on the link she had to Julian to find him. A link he was totally unaware of; at least consciously. But the people around them were always amazed that one always knew when the other was near.

Aurora left her work in the tower and made her way down to the library. The folds of her gown swirled around her bare feet as she moved quickly through their home. Aurora didn't bother wearing undergown and over dress when it was she and Julian in their home, or shoes if they were staying inside. A fact that would have scandalized any of their peers, but that Julian found delightful. It took her but a moment to pinpoint his location, but when she did, she plucked the book out of his hand and sat herself into his lap without a bit of apology at interrupting his reading.

She smiled as she draped one arm around his shoulders and the other hand played over his robe covered chest. "Hello, my love."

Julian smiled at his Wife, and kissed her deeply in reply to her greeting. Some time later, when the kiss was done, and his forehead rested lightly against hers, he asked, "Your work is done already? I thought for certain I would have to fetch you down from the tower."

"The lure of your lap called to me over the distance," she replied sweetly and wiggled against him. "And I am ever weak to that siren call." His wife kissed the end of his nose and she whispered playfully. "And I knew there would be kisses."

"Aah, I was not sure you would hear it way up there." Julian kissed her again, his hand sliding along her thigh, beneath her clothes. She could feel his rising desire for her beneath her. He lifted his hips a bit. "What do you suppose it is saying now, Love?" His hand cupped her bottom, as he kissed her neck, where her pulse fluttered beneath her skin.

"Mmm…. I think this requires further study," she murmurs. "Let us find out…" Being as small and flexible as she was meant Aurora could do things like straddle his lap without getting up or having to free her neck from his attentions; something she did then, and not for the first time. His wife was rather easily distracted by him. She nipped at his ear. "It says it is a good thing I closed the door when I came in," she whispered. "Because that song is soon to become a chorus."

Julian hissed slightly when she nipped his ear, and rolled his hips against her as he slid the chair a bit further from the table with his legs. His teeth grazed the skin he had been kissing, as both hands slid under her dress. "Intense study. I agree." He lifted her up, and set her on the edge of the table, but only long enough for him to hitch the hem of his robes up. Julian lifted her by her hips, and slowly settled her upon him. He entered her with as sigh, his eyes locked on hers, and then drew her down for a kiss, letting her settle upon him. Aurora made him unapologetically wanton; he had said he would have her any where, and over the past months, he had been true to his word.

Her gown settled back down around her legs. No one would possibly be fooled by what was going on, but they wouldn't be able to see it. She gave a satisfied moan against his lips. The fingers of both hands tangled up into his dark hair as she rode him shamelessly right there in the library. Julian would be the yard stick his lusty wife would measure every man she met afterwards by and all of them would come up lacking; though there would be one or two who might come close, no one would ever be able to replace him.

Julian growled against her lips, making a rumble she could feel. His hands slid out of her dress, so they could smooth over the swell of her breasts, his thumbs brushing over peaks that had become much easier to find despite the cloth that kept him from touching her skin. He groaned as she rode him, his hands sliding up into her hair, to force her chin up so his lips could assail her throat, as he dug in his heels to meet the motion of her hips with his own. Julian's gasp was muffled by her skin, and the groan that followed was muffled by her lips as he kissed her hungrily. He would never tire of satisfying his Bride, never tire of the husky way she said his name in her native French, or the way her body was always ready to accept his. Julian was too young to entirely grasp the true length of eternity, too young to have the lesson etched upon his heart as some of his Brothers had already experienced. Idealism, Love, and Lust worked their subtle magic on his Reason, leaving only his desire for his Wife and Lady.

Aurora pulled back from the kiss, throwing her head back and arching her neck with a loud groan of pleasure, her fingers tightening in his hair. She gave voice to her pleasure in an odd mix of French and Arabic, moaning his name as only she could as they carried each other higher and higher to their peaks.

Julian loved how expressive Aurora could be. He held her in his arms, supporting her when she threw her head back, leaning forward with, his teeth nipped at the tip of her breast, where he could see it pressing against the cloth. He whispered her name, and groaned as she began to reach her climax, he could feel her tightening around him in waves. He kissed her, hard and needy, drawing on her lower lip as he surged from the chair turning a thrust into an extended motion that carried him to his feet. He tugged on her hair as he kissed her, and moved forward to the table where he placed her down, and laid her upon it. He shoved books aside, and his hand went beneath her gown, sliding over her thighs, lifting the cloth until his hands filled with her breasts, as his hips moved against hers in wanton rhythmic unison. Julian had been near his end, and now he stiffened and whispered, "Goddess…" He plunged into her, claiming her with wild abandon, and as he thrust his last and fell from the edge with his Wife, he clasped her in his arms. Julian rolled his hips, wanting more of her as they finished together. Gasping for breath, he braced his arms on the tables edge, twitching and quivering within her. His robes now served to hide the act, though again, none could mistake it.

Breathlessly, he met his Wife's eyes, his hips moving in slow, unconscious motions. "What have we learned, Beloved?"

She lay on his shoulder until her lips were brushing his neck just under his ear as she breathed "That the greatest music in all worlds is that which we make together." She lifted her head to meet his eyes again and moaned softly as he continued moving shallowly within her. She moved her hands to rest them on his hips.

"Before you make me forget all over again, I would like a Druid to perform the Old Blessing of Joining for us on Beltane." There was a playful light in her eyes as she consciously contracted the muscles that were still enfolding him. "If that is alright with you, of course."

Julian opened his mouth to answer, and gasped softly instead. He smirked, brushed a finger across her nipple, and then slowly drew her dress down to cover her, remaining with her still. He gripped her hips, and purposely rolled his hips before he answered. He groaned in his throat, and took another breath. "Of course it is. If it will please you, then it will be done." Julian withdrew just a bit, and then pushed himself home once again. "We will light our own fires." He gathered her up, and retook his seat, dropping into it with her straddling him. The move made him gasp, even as his arms went around her, and he rested his head against her shoulder. "I will send runners into Sherwood and seek a Druid out."

"My Lord is most generous," she murmured. Her hands went back to his hair, carding gently through it as she kissed her way down the side of his throat. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the two making that most exquisite of music together.

The Beltane bonding ceremony was attended only by the Earl and His Lady's people. The seriousness and solemnity of the event ended right after "In the name of the Lord and the Lady, I bind your souls and hearts until the Earth itself crumbles and the Heavens fall." when Julian tossed his laughing bride over his shoulder and carried her off to the private bower built for them by Beth's family.

The Middle

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