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Julian stole what moments he could with Aurora over the next two months. There was time enough to tease both of their senses, though at least one of their intimate sessions ended with a cold bucket of water being tossed at them as if they were cats in an alley. Julian declared that there would be a handfasting after Beth tugged on his ear one too many times. He sent riders out to invite the local lords, which included nobles as highly placed as Julian himself, and commons from his lands. Beth became occupied with planning, and Julian became occupied with Aurora; stealing kisses, but held by a promise to Beth, he showed her the rest of his Library, and the instruments and secrets of his Tower. The handfasting did not arrive fast enough.

It was done under a clear sky full of stars, and at the height of the Full Moon. Julian danced with his Bride, and invited the Lords and their Wives to participate, and in the confusion, he pulled Aurora from the Hall, threw her over his shoulder, and took her to the tower. He was strong enough, and Aurora light enough, that he could make swift and stealthy work of it with little trouble. Julian growled, his hand on his Wife's bottom as he carried her into the base of the tower and up the stairs to the Observatory. There, beside the central fire, someone had laid out two bedrolls, white sheets, a comforter, and several furs. Julian set her back on her feet at the end of the bedroll.

"Now, Wife, you are mine at last."

"I am," she agreed readily. The setting might have bother some other woman, but Aurora thought it was perfect. She stepped out of her slippers and took a step back from her new husband. Lilac silk released by a clever twist of her fingers slithered to the floor to pool at her feet. The firelight behind her made the already thin silk of her under gown sheer and light haloed around her figure and reflected off the riot of curls of her stunning red-gold mane.

She took a step towards him, leaving the mound of silk behind. "And you, Husband, are mine," she whispered. Aurora's arms wrapped around him and she pressed her body against his. She stretched up on her toes and and murmured against his lips. "I want you desperately, beloved. But be gentle this first time."

Julian watched her disrobe, his sky blue eyes like lamps, they seemed so bright. He took a deep breath as cloth slipped away, and the light revealed her stunning curves to him. His lips parted, and for a moment, he had no words. Then Aurora moved and pressed against him, and when she reached for him, he went to her and lifted her up. "Aurora, I was yours the moment you asked me to chop wood." He kissed her, and set her on his feet, "I will be." Julian guided her to the makeshift bed, open to the air and the stars, the moonlight bathing everything in silver. He laid her down, kissing her fervently, his hands exploring her body in ways he had restrained himself from doing before. Julian parted from her reluctantly, and got to his feet to remove his clothes. Julian was not shy.

Aurora sat up to watch him. Her own flustered shyness had been worn away over the two months of the waiting. She tossed her undergown to the side, not caring where it went. She wanted nothing between them when they came together finally.

Cloth pooled at his feet, and he stood nude before her. His legs proved as hirsute as his arms, and as powerful in appearance; He was all hard muscle, with the scars one would expect of a fighting man of the day. The fire limned him in ruddy light, and he looked upon her with desire and heat in his gaze. Julian returned to her, drew a fur over them, and pulled Aurora into his arms. He kissed her, his hands smoothing over her curves.

Her body rose to his touch, her desire telegraphed through her kiss and the way she moved against him. She had never wanted anything more in her life. Not even, if she were honest with herself, to find the way home. This was home now, in the arms of this man. The door to the House could open across the room right now and she would not go.

"Je t'aime," she murmured for the first time in her adult life when the kiss finally broke for a moment. "Pour toujours et partout."

"Je t'aime." Julian echoed with as much sincerity. Finding Aurora had been an unexpected and welcome surprise. When he had departed the land of his birth, he had never expected to find so remarkable a woman out in Shadow. She was, in a word, extraordinary. There was no one like her, which made Julian wonder if his subconscious had somehow produced her just for him. That had been a fleeting thought, and one discarded weeks ago. All that mattered now was that Aurora was his. Julian whispered, "Forever."

Tears almost sprang unbidden to her eyes, but she refused to think about that now. He was here, now; eager and beautiful and hers. He loved her. Her. Not just because she was beautiful and youthful. He loved her intellect, her temper, her curiosity and her kisses. Aurora had resigned herself to how things were by the time she was 30. She wasn't going to waste a moment of her time with Julian bemoaning over what she couldn't have. She may never have anything like this again in a life that stretched endlessly long and lonely in front of her.

He nuzzled her as his hand smoothed over her belly, and gently covered her mound. Julian rubbed the heel of his hand against her gently, feeling her heat. He traced the line of her, slowly caressing to gauge her readiness. Julian kissed her deeply, suckling slightly at her tongue, as he traced the petals of her sex. Moving slowly, he rose up over, and guided her knees apart with his hands. The fur slid down his back, and he looked down into her eyes, blue eyes locking onto her green eyes, holding her attention as he lowered his muscled form to cover her body. His fingers had twined with hers, pinning her hands to their bed beneath the stars. He lowered his lips to the taut peaks of her breasts, and teased one with his teeth, and when she rose to his touch, he lifted his head and lowered his hips — entering her in one smooth, unhurried motion. He sank into her, and held himself there, letting her become accustomed to having him inside of her.

She inhaled sharply through her teeth and her fingers clenched his when he entered her, pushing through a barrier that was barely there. The pain had not been overwhelming, but it had been enough to notice. Certainly it would be enough for the proof she knew his people waited to see in the morning. But that thought was fleeting as her body adjusted to him filling her, completing her. She shivered from the intensity of the feeling.

When he did move again, he rolled his hips slowly, before thrusting into her again. "Aurora…"

Her body bridged under him. "Oh, gods … Julian," she moaned hungrily. Her body moved with an easy, fluid grace to meet his slow sweet thrusting. She had wanted this since he walked half naked into her kitchen, imagined it since that first slow kiss. Her eyes opened to meet his as he loomed over her. She couldn't imagine feeling any more *his* then she did at that moment.

Julian answered her call with a soft growl, his face against the crook of her neck, as he kissed her skin. His beard was rough against her cheek, the hair of his chest teased her breasts, as he continued to make her his. He thrust deeply into her, slow and steady, pressing her into the bedroll, encouraging her to lift her knees and encircle him with her legs. He slid his hands beneath her, gripping her shoulders, as he kissed her deeply, growling against her lips as they moved together. "I've wanted this." Julian began, his words a breathless whisper, "Since I first chopped wood for you." Then he kissed her again, rolling his hips against her.

Her body was on fire and she groaned into the kiss. Her hands did what they had wanted to do since she watched him chopping that wood; they ran over the planes and lines of the muscles in his shoulders. Her nails ran lines from shoulder to hip and back up to tangle in his hair as she undulated wantonly in the face of the pressure building from that ball of white heat in her belly. The sounds of her pleasure, muffled though they were by his lips, carried through the tower room.

Julian lifted his lips from hers to breath, and to groan. She was every bit as passionate and fiery as he had imagined. "Aurora…" He managed, as she rose to meet him with every slow thrust. He shivered against her, arching his back with a groan as he paused a moment, deep inside of her, to simply enjoy the heat the enveloped him. He braced himself on his arms so he could see her, a draft of air getting between them, that he barely noticed as he continued to claim his Wife so sweetly. Julian surged gently into her, again and again, letting her feel and take the length of him, with unhurried motions that made him gasp and groan. He growled softly, and covered her again with his body, kissing the side of her neck as he moved. He whispered, "Lady Aurora, Countess of Huntingdon." Julian moved again, breathless for a moment. "Wife of Julian, Earl of Huntingdon." He gasped as she moved with him, his body tensing against hers.

One hand caressed the side of his face, fingers raking lightly through his beard as she replied. "Wife of Julian … is all that matters." Then he moved and she gasped, arching, shuddering and tightening her legs around him. She buried her face in his shoulder as the spasms started to take her to a place she had never been before. Curled into him wouldn't hold, her body bridged, and she threw her head back into the pillows as a powerful release ripped her breath out in the form of a cry of passion.

Julian kissed her and felt her spasm with him. He knew that he would not be able to contain himself as she reached her peak. He groaned as her legs tightened, and clasped her to him when she buried her face against his shoulder. She arched against him, and he pressed against her, and he cried out her name in response, arriving at his peak one the heels of her cry. Julian's hips rolled against hers as she felt him spasm within her, his release filling her with new heat. He settled over her, held within her body, his small motions waning to stillness as he struggled to catch his breath. Julian's body ultimately relaxed, but he remained with her, loathe to break that connection until it was necessary.

Aurora didn't seem any more ready to let him separate from her then he was. She stayed wrapped around him, panting to catch her breath; her body still shuddering under him when the aftershocks continued to hit her for several long moments before he felt her slowly begin to relax. But still she held him, her fingers playing lazily with his hair; her legs loosened their hold, but only to slide down his thighs and rest there. She turned her head slightly and kissed his cheek.

"That was worth the wait, My Lord," she murmured.

Julian smiled, "More than worth it, m'Lady." He nuzzled her and kissed her throat.

He rolled over slowly, carrying her with him so they could remain together. He tugged the fur back into place over them, and ran his hands down the cover of her back, and rested them firmly on her bottom. Julian was still breathing deeply, and she could feel the rise and fall of his chest beneath her. She could also feel him move slightly when he felt her aftershocks, which caused him to shiver from pleasure. Julian kissed and nuzzled her, his hands gently kneading her bottom. He groaned softly, and whispered his love near her ear. "My appetite for you remains undiminished, Beloved." He kissed the side of her neck, and along her shoulder. "I look forward to having you whenever and where ever we choose."

She chuckled and pushed herself up on one arm to smile down at him, that glorious hair creating a curtain of fire to one side. "I think, my heart, that Beth would be unamused at that until she learned how to knock before entering any room."

Julian smiled, "Oh, that was Beth, Guardian of your Virtue, I think you'll find that she'll knock or not enter at all now."

Her other hand raked through his hair, pushing it back from his face. "You are beautiful," she whispered.

He closed his eyes as her fingers ran through his hair, and despite the circumstances, his cheeks colored just a bit at being called beautiful. "Just as you are, Ma Petit Chéri."

Her hand moved from his hair to smooth over the curve and plains of his shoulder, down his chest. "I do not think I can ever get enough of you. I must be the most blessed woman on this Earth. Always and everywhere, Julian Longbow. You are mine, and I will never willingly let you go."

He smiled back at her, his hand sliding into her hair, so his thumb could brush along her cheek. "And here I thought it was I that was blessed." Julian smiled, and kissed her lightly. "I claimed you long ago, at that moment in Sherwood, where I did not want to leave the saddle because you were near." He moved his hip teasingly, "I think we should remain until sunrise." He smirked slightly, "We should be hungry for food by then…perhaps."

She made a soft whimpering sound when he moved inside her. "You will find me very agreeable to suggestions such as that," she replied. Aurora lowered herself back down on his chest and nuzzled his side of his throat. "And you can teach me how to please you," she whispered huskily near his near.

Julian held her to him, and slowly moved his hips again. "There will be many, many lessons." He whispered as he moved, and turned his head to nibble at the lobe of her ear. He took a deep breath, reaching down to draw her knees up, which allowed him to move a touch more deeply within her. "Take your pleasure, Beloved." Julian lifted his hips, while kneading her bottom, bringing her through one slow motion.

And so she did, slowly at first, then with more confidence, Aurora took her pleasure and gave him his. She knew well she would be sore come the morrow, but it would have been well worth it for the pleasure the two of them made in the night. Their cries punctuated the stillness of the night, but neither of them gave it a thought, for there in the top of their tower where their world was defined by moonlit walls, there was only the two of them to give it notice.

Hours later as the sun just began to lighten the sky, Aurora finally succumbed to tiredness. Wrapped safe and secure in the strong and loving embrace of her husband, Aurora slept more peacefully then she had since she had found herself trapped alone in this world.

The Beginning

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