It's A Mystery

Carmen travelled the corridor leading from the King and Queen's chamber, stepped lightly down the two steps leading to the second landing and turned towards the main staircase. From here she could reach any floor of Castle Amber. The castle seemed strangely quiet as Carmen descended the first flight.

As Carmen approached the tiered landing of the floor below, and after a fruitless search for Llewella she managed to turn up a servant who politely informed her that Llewella had already departed for Remba. King Random was in a meeting with the Princess Selene and Prince Hadrian, and Gerard had taken off Lotus and Garrick - there were precious few of her relatives in the castle - the servant was unsure if Princess Flora was still around, but assumed she was. As the servant departed, Carmen turned a corner into a relatively quiet corridor - she heard someone fiddling with a key in a lock down a side corridor - with so many of her relatives already having been given their orders and the castle being so quiet, the noise seemed out of place - somehow alien to her. As she could recall the only familial rooms on this corridor belonged to Gerard, Caine, and Brand.

She stood still in the middle of the hall, her head tilted curiously to one side. On the one hand; did she care if someone might be rifling in Caine's room? On the other; how could she not? Walking on tip toe, Carmen moved over to peer cautiously around the corner.


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