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Remington waited until the other pair were away before he answered. "Carmen says you're the better behaved of the pair," he replied with a crooked smile that made effective use of his boyish charm. "But considering what her basis for good behavior is, I'm not sure I can take that at face value. Basir says you're a bit violent in the morning, but then Carmen tells me I'm a bear before coffee, so I think we're all right there." He leaned in a bit, his calloused fingertips brushing over the soft skin of her shoulder. "Jack used the phrase 'none of the things red blooded men find attractive in a woman'. But then, Jack is a hairless monkey." He smiled. "I know that you sing beautifully, that you are more then lovely, and your eyes remind me of a storm tossed sea." His eyes drifted downward for a space and a chuckle rumbled in his chest as he found her eyes again. "And you have the most intriguing tattoo."

Kaylee laughed softly. "It's been a while since anyone hinted that I was well-behaved," she said, leaning in a little as well. "But maybe in comparison…" A slight one-shouldered shrug accompanied another smile. "Comes of being the elder, I suppose. I like thinking for myself." She sipped at the wine again and glanced up at him through her eyelashes slyly. "And I always know what I want and how to get it. Did you see the other tatt?" With that, she twisted her upper body, leaning her chest against the back of the sofa - and not coincidentally his arm - with her head turned towards him still. It put her face abruptly much closer to his. "Aces on the back for luck," she continued lowly, "and the other… Well, I've always had a fondness for the Queen of Hearts… and some men need a reminder what they're seeing me this way for…"

Remington didn't pull back from the sudden appearance of Kay in his personal space, nor did he seem surprised; he just accepted it as the way things were supposed to be. His strong fingers traced the design on her back and he leaned in closer for a better look. Seemingly independently of himself, his other hand found its way into her hair. He pulled back enough to look at her face when she started explaining why she had chosen as she had, and his eyebrow rose in disbelief. "Were they daft?" he asked quite seriously. "No intelligent man would require such. In fact-," his voice lowered to a rumble. "-I think I will be kissing you now."

He closed the rest of the small distance between them. The angle she was sitting stopped him from pulling her closer, but his splayed hand ran firmly but gently down her spine. He started slowly, experimentally, to gauge her desires before he deepened it. That Remington had been kissing a Woman of Substance for awhile was apparent in the way he kissed Kaylee now. It was different; stronger, surer, — more, then the men of Shadow she had been intimate with in the past.

Kay arched under his hand in a very feline way, untwisting slightly so that she was leaning more against Remington than the couch. He didn't have to experiment for long; Kaylee was very interested in sharing her desire with him. She very nearly threw herself headlong into it, in fact; she'd been headed for a planned tryst anyway, and then the fruit… well, 'in the mood' might have been an understatement. She freed the arm that had been against the sofa to wind it around him and helped him deepen the kiss - deep, deep, deep, like she was looking for the bottom. After a moment or two, she moved again, throwing one leg over his and shifting to sit straddling his legs. "What say," she murmured huskily somewhere after that, "we lose the wine and the cloth and really have some fun?"

"Mmm…," he rumbled. "You are a wise woman." With a deft and practiced flick of his fingers what little covering there had been was gone. His smile turned sly as he reached around her and came back with a segment of a familiar peeled fruit. His eyes never left hers as he bit the end off of it, or when he lowered it to paint an inwardly moving spiral over her breasts; first one, then the other, concentrating on the tightening center buds. The gentle breeze hit her slicked skin and her nerve endings danced. But that was nothing compared to what she felt when he lowered his head and begin to follow the same path with his tongue, and she realized that eating the fruit was a waste of its true purpose. Remington kept an arm around her to support her, but his other hand still drew wet patterns over her skin while he lavished attention on her chest. She felt everything at a heightened state; the faint stubble on his chin, the tiny buds of his tongue as it trailed over her flesh, the softness of the lines of his lips as they closed around points that felt almost diamond hard, the gentle scrape of the edges of his teeth…

"Oh Fortuna," Kay murmured appreciatively. "This's gonna be one of those…" She didn't even try to explain what that meant. Her fingers twined in his hair for a moment and then slid away to trace random shapes across his skin; she moaned softly, watching him though half-lidded eyes, as his tongue followed the traced path. The touch of lips and teeth drew a sound that was half gasp, half moan from her, and she shivered once at the attention. And then she grinned, a mischievous Cheshire-cat grin, as a thought struck her; her hand traced down his arm until her fingers twined with his - and she could steal the piece of fruit from him…

Remington hummed and his lips vibrated in an intoxicating way against her excited flesh. He knew what she was up to; she was a bit too much like Carmen in her sense of humor. He gave up the fruit segment willingly when her fingers reached it, and his now free hand was free to give the rest of her juice slicked skin the attention it deserved.

Kay's hand continued downward, and the other moved to join it, and she proved that she had enough concentration left to do a little drawing of her own, and a little teasing with the hand that wasn't drawing. She wouldn't have admitted it to anyone, but it was taking rather more effort than usual to concentrate on that when there were profoundly good things happening elsewhere. But Kaylee had a very particular idea of how their current configuration could be improved, and certain techniques that only required hands and usually worked quite well to effect what she wanted - and now she had a piece of fruit…


Remington, of course, had no clues about her particular ideas, but he had his own — and a bowl of fruit within reach. When her hands went downward, he shifted beneath her, groaning around the sensitive bud he was teasing; switched hands so that he could reach over and get more of the fruit. He didn't bother biting the end off this one. His held it in his palm and pierced the skin with his nails, coating his fingers in the invigorating fluid. He drew back then, lifting his head from her inflamed chest with a sharp inhalation thorough his teeth. He wanted to see her face when his own hand move downward, the hand with the slick fingers that moved unerringly to her center…

Kaylee's eyes widened slightly and she sucked in a breath at the touch; she'd noticed it coming, but she hadn't quite expected the intensity of it for some reason. And then she moaned lowly, her expression one of pure pleasure as her chin lifted. When she managed to bring her gaze back down from the sky and the back of her eyelids, she met his eyes; there were fires in the blue-grey now that hadn't been there, or at least not there so intently, before. "Lay back," she suggested in a husky whisper. "Don't have to stop… but I'm gonna ride you till we can't breathe…"

His response was a deep lusty growl. He didn't stop as an arm wrapped around her to steady her and he swung his legs up onto the sofa. The hand holding her slid around to rest on her hip as he lay back. Desire and passion made his dark gaze intense, and she felt his fingers pause briefly; just long enough to squeeze the last of the juice from the red fruit, spreading it to the places his fingers hadn't had a chance to go, and then his talented fingers were coaxing another moan from her, and Kaylee was making good her offer…

Kaylee contemplated Remington, some time later, from the rather short distance that laying sprawled across and atop him provided. She was feeling rather pleasantly sated - at least for the moment - and it made her expression just slightly smug. 'The cat that ate the canary' was probably the best interpretation of it. She let her thoughts drift back across what had happened since she had arrived, and softly chuckled. "So did I break you?"

His fingers were playing idly through her hair when he opened one eye at her question. He shifted, muscles rippling as he curled his other arm up and under his head to see her better. "Not yet," was his languid reply. "I'm sure Carmen will thank you when they get through scaring the dolphins."

"Good," she answered lazily. "I just remembered I wasn't supposed to." She offered him a slight, mischievous smile, and stretched up - moving as little as possible - for an impulsive kiss.

He chuckled and lifted his head enough to meet her kiss. "I suspect the Healers here could put me back together if you did, but I'd be out of commission for a few days, and there's no fun in that."

"Exactly," she agreed as she relaxed back to her previous position. She leaned her head against him, looking off towards her guitar with half-closed eyes. "Ought to play something for you while we rest," she continued thoughtfully, "but that would mean one of us would have to get up."

"Maybe," he murmured. "Hang on." Remington straightened the arm that had been under his head and reached for the guitar. He turned his eyes to it, took a breath, focused. For a heartbeat nothing happened. Then the instrument trembled briefly before it moved suddenly, snapping into his hand with just enough force to make the strings vibrate. Kaylee winced slightly at the sound.

The sculptor stared in disbelief at his hand wrapped around the wooden neck. Then his smile bloomed and he barked a laugh full of surprise and amazement. He didn't bother trying to hide the smugness in the grin he turned towards Kaylee. "Your guitar, m'lady. Though I am by no means suggesting you move from this spot."

She chuckled softly. "Oh, very nice. Unfortunately, I do have to move at least a little if I'm going to play." She took the guitar with one hand and shifted, rolling off to lie on her back beside him, still leaning against his chest and shoulder. "Y'know, it's funny - that kind of thing still gets me," she continued idly as she checked the tuning on her guitar - between the flying across the room and her brother handling it, she couldn't not check. "Back home, the weirdest things in the entire world were me and my Twin."

He shifted his position and arm when she moved to accommodate her and the guitar comfortably. "Well, I can only do that here," he admitted with a note of wistfulness. "This place is so incredibly rich in magic that after a few days, even the normally arcane blind can do small magics. The local Jack latched onto early has been a guide of sorts, explaining things." His fingertips stroked her arm lightly. "Can you not feel it?" he murmured. "The magic in the air?"

And when she thought about it she realized she could, and had when she first stepped naked out onto the veranda. She had mistaken it as an effect of the fruit she had eaten.

Kay smiled at him. "I hadn't noticed until now," she admitted softly. "I was busy with other things." Satisfied that the tuning was correct, left two notes hanging in the air for a moment. "If you hadn't noticed." That was playful; her smile turned into an impish grin. "Any particular style you'd like to hear?"

Remington preened. "Ah, it will surely go to my head; that I am so impressive that I made you miss the very magic in the air," he joked. Then he chuckled. His fingertips continued stroking along his arm a moment more before he stopped so as not to interfere with her playing. "Play something I am not likely to hear in Amber unless it is you playing it." He looked down at her as he put his arm behind his head again. "Something you wrote."

Kay smiled. "How about something you're not likely to hear often anywhere? We play this one sometimes, but not this version. J says it's too mellow, and that the drum part is boring." She started to play then, intricately, and later to sing quietly. It wasn't a show, and she didn't try to make it one; in fact, she leaned her head back against him and closed her eyes, concentrating on the music.

Remington watched her fingers dance over the strings through the first verse. He couldn't see her face at this angle, but what he did see made him smile. He just closed his eyes and listened. To his experience, the lyrics were odd and there were things in it that he didn't understand. But the music was lovely, Kay's playing was brilliant, and her voice was everything Jack had said it was. Not that he was likely to tell Jack he was right about something.

She let the music fade away naturally, lifting her fingers from the strings delicately to let the sound continue up into the sky. When the sound was gone, she turned her head so she could look up at him. "Always liked that one," she offered. "I wrote it after too many days on the road - that was the first tour, I think, or maybe it was the second one… they kind of ran together. Too many hotels, all the same; we weren't used to it yet. Jack complains a bit because there isn't enough drumming, but we've got drum songs and guitar songs and this is just one of those."

"That was … very nice," he said softly, and knew when it left his lips it was an understatement. His fingers went back to tracing lazy patterns on her shoulder. "You have a beautiful voice, and your playing is very lush. Even if I have no idea what some of that meant," he added with a smile in his voice. "I didn't need to in order to appreciate the piece." Remington leaned his head down and kissed her hair. "It's a bit melancholy."

"It is," she agreed. "But that's music - sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down, and better than half the time, it's the down that makes the best songs." Kaylee smiled up at him and lazily rested a hand on his leg. "Maybe it would make more sense if we take a trip off to Texorami some time." She chuckled and leaned up for another kiss. "Since, knowing my brother, this is going to be a standing arrangement unless one of us objects…"

"I would like to see the place that made you two." He kissed her warmly, but didn't say anything for a long moment afterwards. "It's — an odd arrangement," he said finally. "For me, anyway. She's been working me up to this for awhile, Carmen has. Your brother even had an odd moment of seriousness right after we got here trying to explain why." He paused, smiled faintly. "He shouldn't do that. It was bizarre and I think the world tilted.

"He does that," Kaylee answered, smiling slightly. "You get used to it after a while. Though I do think you're the only man I've ever heard say Jack made the world tilt." That was pure mischief, and her smile blossomed into a grin. "If what I suspect he was trying to warn me was planned is," she continued after a moment, sobering, "it's not going to be entirely the norm for me. I mean, we have a standing arrangement with the band back home, but it's more 'I get Ray, he gets Valerie, we collect groupies and go off to our own rooms.'"

Remington snorted at her crack about Jack making his world tilt, but then he frowned briefly at the rest. "I'm not used to sharing," he said lowly, fingers carding through her hair again. "Or being shared, for that matter. Don't think I haven't noticed that they've been keeping me plied with wine and weed since we've been here. Your brother -" he smiled playfully. "- the wee hairless monkey - calls it a 'Love Circle'. As long as he keeps his 'love' on his side of the circle, this may just work out. Even without the external influences of this place."

"He'd better stay on his side," she answered flatly. "That's too bloody weird to think about. The two of us in the same room when one of us is naked is weird enough." She shook her head and fell silent for a moment. Then she sighed. "They're probably worried you'll freak out; sharing isn't for everyone. Doesn't bother me; I have a similar appetite to my twin, just… I don't always have to pack 'em in like my bedroom is a clown car." That made her smile slightly, like it was an inside joke. "And we've had a few parties where pretty much everyone was sharing everyone else. You sound pretty okay with it at the moment, though - which is kind of flattering." The smile got a bit brighter, tilting towards mischievous again. "If you're looking to not be stoned and drunk all the time so you can deal with it in a more normal state of mind, I could see about helping you with that…"

"You're sweet," he grinned. "And a right sly one. If it proves necessary, I'll take you up on it. But I am fair certain if I tell Carmen to stop, she will. She might hover a bit," he leaned in closer and lowered his voice to a rumbling whisper. "But between you and me, I rather flattered when she does. No telling."

Kay laughed. "No worries," she whispered back. "I don't like to encourage hovering." She took advantage of his nearness to kiss him again before she continued, "And please - sly?" She grinned. "I'm an old hand at subverting The Establishment, mothers, girlfriends, and anyone else that tries to say how things are going to be. And Carmen doesn't know all my tricks yet." She went playfully thoughtful. "Jack does, though… but if I can keep his attention on her, that might not be too big a problem." She beamed. "It would be a challenge… and a pleasure."

"I'm pretty sure we don't know all Carmen's either," he chuckled lowly. "I am also fair certain keeping Jack focused won't be a problem." Remington leaned down to kiss her again and let it linger a little longer then they had been. "Oh, lady, this is definitely going to be a pleasure."

"Mm-hmm," Kay agreed. "It already is." She reached up lazily, with the hand that had been resting on his leg, and ruffled his hair. "I'd be surprised if you know all of her tricks. Like Mom always said… 'Don't let a man know all of your tricks, Kaylee; you have to be able to surprise them somehow.' Jack, I have to admit, knows most of mine - and he's pretty good at spotting when I'm up to something. The brat." That was affectionate and amused. "But he's my Twin, and we're very good at sharing." She stretched against him, leaving the guitar balanced on her stomach for a moment. "So what next - another song, or another round?" She grinned.

"The one draw back to this arrangement," he said idly with a smile in his voice, "Is that you and Carmen are likely to be the death of me." Remington took her guitar and set it aside out of harm's way. "I expect there will be many opportunities to hear you play after tonight," he murmured and shifted them both until she was on her back against the soft cushions. He loomed over her when he leaned up on one elbow. His smile was bright, even in the shadows. He dragged his fingertips down her centerline. "But we only get one chance at firsts."

Her grin didn't waver. "Plenty of opportunity. Have you seen Jack and drums? I'm about as bad. But enough about my Twin." She reached up and delicately brushed his cheek, and then let her fingers travel down his arm and side; she arched into his touch just slightly at the same time, enjoying it. "What first," she continued, in what was almost a purr, "did you have in mind for the encore…?"

His smile turned sly. "Let me show you how well I play…"

"Oh, please do," was her murmured request. And then she chuckled softly. "Just be aware… I reserve the right to turn the tables at any time…"

An eyebrow arched at the implied challenge. "Oh, really?" he growled softly and suddenly there was a fruit entire in his hand and a determined look in his eye.

Kay smirked. "Oh yes," she agreed. "You don't know all my tricks either."

She didn't try it for a long while afterwards, though…

In the afterward, Remington was sitting up drinking a glass of some local fortifying elixir that smelled of sweet berries and something vaguely lemony. Near at hand was a tray of bite sized spiced meats, roasted vegetables, bread, oddly colored cheeses that he took a bite from now and then, offering morsels to her with his fingers. He had an arm draped over Kaylee's shoulders, one finger tracing lazy designs along her upper arm. In the distance, they could hear birdsong; a duet of firebirds, the singers swooping and dancing in the light of the twin moons that had started their descent towards the horizon, though it was still a few hours before sunrise. A near impossible numbers of stars scattered across the night sky, like diamonds dropped on a field of velvet.

If Remington were a cat, he'd be purring.

And if Kay was a cat, there would be a great many feathers scattered about and a profound lack of living canary. She was positively smug.

She accepted each piece of food from him not with her own fingers, but with her mouth, each one an occasion to let her lips linger on his skin while she watched him slyly out of the corner of her eyes or through lowered lashes. It was more playful than an attempt to provoke him into more action; she didn't mind taking breaks at all. When she wasn't eating, she was listening to the birdsong, her head leaned against his shoulder. After a while, she said quietly, "Pass me my guitar?"

He grunted a soft protest at having to move at all. But he set down his glass and stretched over to move it carefully from its resting place to her waiting hands. "As soon as walking isn't ill advised, I move we go soak in the hotsprings." He settled back in his place and looked down at the blonde. "Am I boring you?"

She chuckled softly. "Not at all." As if to prove the point, she leaned up and kissed him lingeringly. "I don't mind cuddling, as long as it doesn't happen between waking up and coffee." She winked. "Sex is fine then - just not cuddling. I just… that birdsong needs to go somewhere." She plucked out the tune on her guitar, wrinkling her nose at several wrong notes. "Ugh. That was foul." A beat, as she started plucking out the tune again, and then she snorted. "And damn, was that a bad pun." She looked up with a smile. "I'm sorry; I did try to warn you…"

"It was an awful pun," he agreed with a smile. "And you have not done anything you need apologize for." Remington smirked. "Yet." He took a sip of his drink. "No cuddling in the morning. Got it. I have Carmen for that."

Kay chuckled. "Oh, I'm sure I will need to apologize eventually." Playfully, she stopped imitating the birdsong and struck up a different song entirely - a snippet of one, anyway…

"And yeah yeah yeah I'm a lot to handle
You don't know trouble, I'm a hell of a scandal
Me, I'm a scene, I'm a drama queen
I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen."

And then, grinning, she played all the way through the birdsong once, a little faster than her last attempt, and set the guitar aside. She settled back against him comfortably. "There. Now it won't go away. So there are hot springs?"

He chuckled and planted a kiss on her temple at the hairline. "Yes. Over in the side garden." He peered at the lunar bodies hanging bright and heavy in the sky, and then eyed the debris and food around them. Then he reached down over the edged and came back up with a small wooden box. "It will be there after I smoke something that won't make me eat my way through the kitchen or forget how to walk." Opening the box, he offered her what looked like small purple cigars; as big around as a pencil and half as long, filterless. "It's the local tobacco. Very mellow."

"I'll walk over with you," Kay answered easily. She smiled at him when he offered the box. "Something to remember: there are four things I hardly ever turn down. A chance to gamble, a drink, a man in my bed," she leaned over and kissed him deeply before she finished, "and a smoke." She held up the one she'd plucked from the box as she kissed him. "Light me up… again?" she added, with a quirk of a smile and a tip of her head that made the innuendo that much more obvious.

"You're all minxes," he chuckled. Then he smiled. "This is my other trick." With his free hand he made a fist and furrowed his brow. When he opened his hand, a small blue flame danced in the center of his palm.

She grinned. "Oh, very nice!" Then, deftly, she lit the one she'd picked out. "Here, you take this one, since your hands are full." She held it up for him and fished out a second from the box. "And this one will be mine." And she lit that one up too.

"You are very gracious for a Drama Queen," Remington grinned. He closed his fingers around the flames, extinguishing them. He was putting the box away when Carmen's laugh carried up from the beach. He smiled warmly in the direction it came from as he sat back and put his arm back around Kaylee, a hair more relaxed then he had been before. He leaned down and kissed her again before sitting back and drawing on his smoke. "I am such a lucky bastard."

Kaylee laughed. "Wait until you see me in the morning. So how obvious do you wanna make this?" She grinned, a hint of mischief creeping back in. "I can crawl up in your lap…"

He groaned theatrically, mischief in his eyes. "Is breaking me a goal of yours?"

"Breaking you?" she asked, all mock-astonishment. "I haven't even begun to try." And then, with a grin, she twisted and pulled her legs up into his lap. "Besides, I can be good… mostly…"

He eyed her through a haze of violet smoke. "M'lady, you are very good. I know this already. I'm sure you misbehave, but all the best women do."

She laughed again and moved the rest of the way into his lap, throwing one arm across his shoulders for support. "'M'lady'? Please." Her eyes rolled. "I get enough of that from the hidebound weirdos I'm related to. I'm Kaylee, or Kay if you wanna be brief." She took a long drag of the cigarette and exhaled violet. "And that, Remington, depends on your definition of 'misbehaving'." Leaning in closer, she whispered in his ear, "See, I know I'm good. Good in the virtuous sense? Oh, now that one's a bit harder…" And then, just for good measure, she nibbled on his ear before she straightened.

Carmen's laughter carried in again, this time followed by Jack's; much nearer then it had been before. Meanwhile, Remington was regarding Kaylee suspiciously on her new perch on his lap. "You're just doing this now to mess with your brother, aren't you?"

Kaylee laughed gaily. "Trust me, I have plenty of ways to mess with my brother without ever involving you. Nope, I'm sitting in your lap because I want to." She leaned closer again, to murmur in his ear, "Besides, it'll reassure your girlfriend. After all, why else would I be sitting on your lap, other than that we just had some really great sex?" She straightened again, this time without nibbling on him, and leaned against his shoulder.

"To mess with your brother," he retorted. "Not that I have a problem with messing with your brother. In principle." Then he sighed and put his arm around her waist. "Damn women," he muttered. "Do you have any idea how odd that sounded?" he asked after parsing that last sentence.

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