Born to one of Mykenae's most sought after archeologists, Kalypso spent the first years of her life with nanny's until her mother decided she was old enough to join her on her escapades. She grew up hearing tales of fallen civilizations, could read a map by the time she was five and never stopped asking "Why?". Her mother's attempts at molding her daughter into a smaller version of herself backfired spectacularly; she hates getting dirty, hates camping or roughing it, loathes the politicking her mother has to do sometimes for her funding, and is not too thrilled with burning deserts, steaming jungles, or unstable caves. Wildlife is right out of the question.

But while Medeia's grand plan backfired, what she did get was a daughter with an unbridled enthusiasm for research. Kalypso is happiest in the library; any library will do. Once she's on the trail of something, she has to be reminded to eat, to sleep, to speak a word to anyone. Her mother only has to make a passing remark about some new legend she's come across and her daughter is off to the library.

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