Coat of Arms: Azure, on a bend sinister between two cinquefoils Or, a quill pen gules.

Occupation: Librarian/Researcher

Parentage: Daughter of Random and Medeia- an archeologist of Mykenae.


Known Relationships: Kalypso and her mother have a hot and cold running relationship. Random's personality tends to overwhelm his normally quiet daughter. Kalypso doesn't necessarily have anyone she can point at and identify as "friend", but she seems to get along with Nasir; at least in the Library. She does have a pet; a sugar glider named Monk(after the jazz musician); a gift from Random in an effort to give her something else to focus on besides books.

Trump Description: When first you flip the card over, it is as if you have opened a door and disturbed the woman depicted therein. Her hair is piled atop her head, and would have hung, holden and glorious, past her shoulders were it not restrained by a unmatched cloth. The woman herself is dressed in ascetic robes that hide her figure, but that cannot hide her unassuming and unadorned beauty. Her skin is as pale alabaster, unblemished and smooth, and there is a light of curiosity about the disturbance in her dark emerald eyes. Her lips are full and untouched by any color save their ripe pink hue. Already a strikingly beautiful woman, with only a little effort, she would become unforgettable. For the nonce, her light remains hidden under her robes and amidst the books that surround her.


General Personality: Kalypso spends most of her time off in a Shadow where the chief export is knowledge, and contains replicas of the finest libraries from a hundred Shadows across two thousand years. More then once she has had to be physically dragged back to Amber when Random wants her. She is a devoted student, and is never anything but fascinated by the things she learns. She is not necessarily good with people, and tends to keep herself out of large groups if at all possible. When nervous, she can be awkward and a bit clumsy.

Physical Description:The golden haired, blue - eyed Kalypso, can look Fiona right in the eye - if she ever looked up from her books and research long enough to stand with her petite Aunt. Her father's stature with her mother's build and Amberite genetics have produced the usual stunning young woman. But Kalypso doesn't give these things a moment's thought. There is every indication that Kalypso considers herself the duckling among the swans. She doesn't bother with what's fashionable, or what's going to give Aunt Flora a stroke, or how the King's daughter should go about things. Why? Because books don't care if your shoes match your dress, if your hair is styled, or if your nails are painted to match lipstick she doesn't wear anyway.

Some ladies of the Court have been known to tsk about the King's daughter "hiding her light under a bushel". But if Kalypso is aware of her own charms, she sure isn't showing it.

Kalypso is 5'2" and curvy; not that one can tell under what she usually wears. She dresses for comfort, and as long as she's covered, she doesn't see what the fuss is. Which is why Flora goes through her closet every time Kalypso is away from Amber.

Casting: Scarlett Johanssan

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