Hello to You Too

He kicked off his sneakers, they were slip on anyway. Jack smiled as he he moved towards her undoing the buttons of his jeans, and managed the trick of letting them fall and stepping out of them in one smooth motion. His legs proved as well toned as the rest of him, and the tattoo wound its way down his abdomen, and over his left thigh for a distance, possibly around to his bottom as well. His bright blue eyes regarded her hungrily as he reached the foot of the bed, and climbed atop, moving towards her like a great cat slinking through the jungle as he held her gaze. "Nice tattoo." He said in a low voice, moving closer still. Jack kissed her as soon as he reached her, lifting his lips to hers, his desire for her more than apparent.

"Same to you," she murmured before sinking into a scorching kiss. She leaned back, letting herself fall back onto the bank of pillows and bringing him down with her. Her hands moved over his back; learning the planes and raises of his back and shoulders. They moved downward, gripping firmly with splayed fingers as she spread herself beneath him.

Jack moved with her, slinking over her as she fell back upon the pillows. He groaned softly against her lips as her hands move over his skin. She pulled him down to her, and he went. He kissed her hungrily, abandoning all the restraint he had kept up through the meal and the tour. His chest rumbled lowly against hers, deep in his chest, and when she spread herself beneath him, he lowered himself to her with a sensual patience that made him groan. He pressed his hips to hers, and arched his back slightly. Jack took a moment to enjoy her heat, breaking their kiss for a moment as he took a deep breath, and kissed along her neck. He claimed her lips again, his body fitting hers perfectly, his hips moving to the rhythm of their own music.

Jack moved with her, slinking over her as she fell back upon the pillows. He groaned softly against her lips as her hands move over his skin. She pulled him down to her, and he went. He kissed her hungrily, abandoning all the restraint he had kept up through the meal and the tour. His chest rumbled lowly against hers, deep in his chest, and when she spread herself beneath him, he lowered himself to her with a sensual patience that made him groan. He pressed his hips to hers, and arched his back slightly. Jack took a moment to enjoy her heat, breaking their kiss for a moment as he took a deep breath, and kissed along her neck. He claimed her lips again, his body fitting hers perfectly, his hips moving to the rhythm of their own music.

Carmen groaned, arched, and wrapped her legs around him. Her nails dragged up his back as he kissed her again. She abandoned restraint entirely; moving with him, against him, tightening around him. He learned one thing quickly when their kiss broke; Carmen was very vocal in her appreciation of his skills.

Jack was as wanton as Carmen. He had never been able to be completely unrestrained, for fear of harming a lover, and here was Carmen, already giving voice to her song, encouraging him to be as free as he could be. It was a startling moment of clarity, the same that had come when he had learned the truth about who and what he was. Jack groaned, and pressed her into the soft cushions, his teeth raked her lip slightly, before he kissed her again fiercely. There, with Carmen, he could be entirely free, without any concern for accidentally harming her. He felt her move with him, tighten, and he arched against her, matching her desire with his own. His hand ran along her thigh, his fingertips dimpling her skin as he caressed her, and pushed himself up on his arm. Jack took a moment to admire her, the way her hair fanned out over the pillow, the heat he saw in her eyes, the lovely way her lips parted. He moved into her deeply, covering her with his hard body, as her strong legs drew him back down.

Like Jack, Carmen's previous lovers had been the fragile folk of Shadow. Here and there she had come across men who could almost match her; one was waiting in Begma for her return. Those near to Amber were more —sturdy then the ones further out. Remington was very dedicated to the cause, and calling on his growing arsenal of tricks and toys he could eventually make Carmen beg for mercy. But as robust as he was, Carmen was always very aware that she could damage him accidentally in a fit of especially high passion. She had done it before, with others. But Jack, she didn't have to worry about that with Jack…. one of her hands found its way into his hair to twine, to tug, to hold as her teeth and lips found his ear, the side of his throat, the curve of his shoulder between gasps and moans and growled exclamations.

With harming each other not a concern, Jack was free to express all of his passion unfettered. He shared it with Carmen with every motion, every caress, and every groan and moan and heated whisper of her name. Shyness was not something Jack had ever had a problem with, but there were things about himself that he just could not share with his prior lovers. Not so with Carmen, he could share everything with her. He growled softly when she tugged at his hair, hissed at the feel of her teeth, and there was no disguising the purr when her teeth found his throat. Her teeth and nails drove him mad, his arms hooked her legs, and lifted her hips from the bed, and he surged into her with wild and gleeful abandon. Jack's bright blue eyes followed the glorious arch of her body, until they locked on her eyes and held her gaze.

Even as she panted and made those delicious sounds of pleasure, Carmen winked at him when he caught her eye. Her nails left red lines in their wake as they ran down his thighs and over his knees. He was like a kid with a new toy. But then again, so was she. They were young, strong, limber and experienced significantly more then all but a handful. Just the idea of it made Carmen moan deeply. Then he did something that made her dizzy and breathless and she saw stars in the middle of the afternoon.

Jack smiled slightly, an expression that managed to convey both his wanton desire for Carmen, and the sheer pleasure he was deriving from the sight and sound of her. The way her nails raked his skin only seemed to magnify his ardor, and he groaned from the feel of them, his body arching back, as his muscles played beneath his tattooed skin. He gasped at is own action, along with the way she felt around him, and he stilled for a moment. Jack held Carmen to him, deeply joined with her, before he released her legs to wrap them around his waist again, and covered her with his body as she lay breathless. His lips brushed over her skin, his hand cupped one her breast, as his other arm supported him. Jack leaned down to whisper by her ear, "You've already left your mark, Love." His voice was a husky growl, "But if you want to see it, you'll have to scratch harder." His teeth raked over the soft skin of her shoulder as he groaned against her, pressing her firmly into the softness of the bed beneath them. Carmen's responsiveness both energized and excited Jack, and every new sound was a symphony to his ears; music he wished to hear, loudly and often.

Carmen growled and her nails racked firmly down his back leaving welts in their wake. Her body arched beneath him, perfect white teeth scraped over the curve of his shoulder on their way to his ear. "Fuck me, Drummer Boy," she whispered hotly. "Like you've never been able to do it before. Because I promise you, that's what I'm going to do to you." Then she tightened, flexed, pulsed around him. Nails bit into the flesh of his bottom while those teeth seemed intent on marking him as much as those nails and everything came together in a way to encourage his own symphony.

It was a good thing that Carmen had invested in well made furniture that was sturdier then it looked. The canopy didn't even creak when hours later she reached up to grab the canopy peak for support as she made good on her promise to ride him like a stallion in the sun. It was only after the wildest rides of either of their lives that they stopped for drinks and cigarettes. A sudden growl from Jack's stomach sent them into the kitchen where their mischievous natures kicked in again and they took turns feeding the blindfolded other on the floor by the icebox. She had offered to cook something, but when she bent down to get something from the bottom shelf, that idea was tossed aside. It was a very erotic meal. Also, Carmen's table and chairs were very well made, but not as well made as the large ones downstairs, which were big enough for a small orgy on the table top, and the heavy armed chairs added an interesting few positions to their day's program.

Carmen's neighbor's had an excellent sense of humor; they had been shouting out scores and encouragement over the course of the afternoon.

It was dark by the time they had somehow ended up in Carmen's large sunken garden tub. She had again Trumped …someone, and there was an astonishing array of Mexican food in take out containers scattered around the tub's edge, along with an icebucket and a large pitcher of margaritas. Straddling his lap, Carmen reached behind him and picked out a strip of seasoned flank steak from the platter of fajitas over Jack's shoulder. She held it up to him while drinking from her salt edged glass.

If it was possible to be smug, bliss-filled, delighted, awed, and wonderfully surprised all at once, then Jack was all of those things and more. One would think that the feeling of satiation would figure into his current state, but it did not. Satiation was more a matter of the moment, than any real length of time. For the moment, he was extremely satisfied, and terribly pleased by the succubus upon his lap, whose every move, from reaching for a baking pan in the kitchen to delicately allowing him to place a sweet upon her tongue, made him shiver in delight. He was highly sensitive, after all their time together, every inch of his skin seemed eager to respond to Carmen. Jack had also developed an affection for the humble dragonfly.

His hips rolled slightly beneath her, and he leaned forward to accept the piece of steak, smiling slightly as he gently sucked the tiny bit of spice and grease from her fingertips. He poured a margarita for himself into a tall glass, and set the pitcher down beside it., before he hefted the glass and leaned forward again to steal a salty kiss from his new favorite playmate. His other hand rested on her thigh, or Carmen's hip, or sometimes traced lines and curves over her skin. "Thanks for remembering." Jack said softly, taking a moment to nibble at her shoulder. "It's been too long since I had this kind of stuff to eat." He smiled, "Since cooking just wasn't working out for us." Jack purred softly, "This has been — just — wow. Two songs for you, at the very least."

Carmen laughed and kissed his nose. "I look forward to hearing them." She sat her glass on the ledge and slicked back her still damp hair with both hands. "I'm glad I decided to go the drum circle this morning. I almost didn't, but my sculptor knew I wanted to hear Rolling Thunder and insisted I go without him." Carmen leaned forward and dragged a finger through the white spicy cheese dip. She smiled slyly as she sucked it off her finger while watching him. She had enjoyed their time together, surprising as it had been —enlightening as it had been. But she had promised…

Jack's nose crinkled when she kissed is, and he took a deep breath. By now she knew that he could, and was, sampling her scent, even savoring it, as he closed his eyes and released the breath in a slow sigh. "It was why I came down to the Quarter, I had something bouncing around my mind, but I wasn't going to find it in the Castle. Also, Dad's drum kit is nearly prehistoric." He smiled brightly, "I'm glad you went to the drum circle this morning too, and a bunch of other happy adjectives I can't think of right now." When she leaned forward his bright blue eyes drifted over her body, and watched her suck the cheese from her finger. It drew a low, hungry growl from him, that vibrated his chest in a subtle way. "If ever it is appropriate, thank your Sculptor for me." Jack grinned.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow," she said as her fingers danced over the outline of his tattoo where it jutted boldly across his chest. "Back to Begma."

His eyes closed as he fingers traced the lines of his tattoo, and he did not bother to conceal his disappointment. Jack smiled, however, only a moment later, and asked. "What time tomorrow?"

"Afternoon." Carmen leaned forward, the fullness of her breasts pressing against his chest. She nipped at his ear, tugging on the lobe a moment before releasing it. Her breath was hot across his water slicked skin as she breathed. "Late in the afternoon…" He felt her smile. "Did I mention the deck on the roof?"

"Aah, I hoped you'd say exactly that. Heaven for a day is better than no heaven at all, my Angel." She could feel his soft groan through her chest, and the nearly silent growl she pulled from him when she nipped his ear and tugged at the lobe. "Later is better." He had put his drink down, and his hands now smoothed over her bottom, and up her back. "No," Jack's lips brushed along the side of her neck as he sat up a little more, leaning her back so his lips could slide across her glistening chest. "You didn't, but we were -" He nipped the sensitive nub at the peak of her breast, "- otherwise and joyously occupied." His hands settled on her hips, and he lifted her a little ways from the water, and then with a small smile, settled her back atop him. Jack let out a lengthy groan, and suggested in a low, breathy voice, "We could watch the sun rise there…"

Carmen's head lolled back when he lowered her and her nails dug into his shoulders. The moan that followed seemed to come all the way up from her curled toes. Her body curled forward over him again; her arms slide over his slick flesh as they wrapped around him. "We should be responsible. Test the furniture up there…"

"Yes, " Jack agreed in a purring whisper, "We should be thorough -" His lips assailed her neck hungrily when her head lolled back, and his hands slipped into her long dark hair, holding her there for a moment. His teeth scraped the soft skin over her pulse, "- in our testing." His lips brushed the side of hr neck, and he nibbled at the lobe of her ear as his hands went to her shoulders, and brought her more firmly, and more deeply to him. Jack claimed her lips, kissing her hungrily, and eventually broke it with a small smile. "Shall I take us there?" He nuzzled her chin up, his teeth grazing her throat. "Your challenge will be to try and make me forget how to walk."

They left a trail of water on Carmen's carpets and the stone tile of the kitchen floor. It was only their supernatural balance that kept them from tumbling down the outside spiral stairs that led from the back balcony up to the roof when Carmen did manage to make him forget how to walk more the once as they made their slow and noisy way up. The builder of the house had forgone the traditional attic and had instead cut a deck out of the back section of the roof over the kitchen and bedroom. At night the view of Amber's starry sky was spectacular - though it would be the early hours after midnight before either of them appreciated it, or the very well made deck loungers and tables. But only for as long as it took to finish a cigarette and then they were obligated to test the railing and the sloping roof that bordered the deck.

Jack adored the house, and the Quarter, even the neighbors seemed like folks he could hang out with on any given day. Men and Women called out encouragement, scores, cheers or took hold of their own loved ones and added to the chorus. He managed a laugh or a smile, here and there, on their way up, though both were accompanied by a wanton look in his pale blue eyes the belied the amusement that came so easily in his smile. Carmen clung to him like no one else could, leaving him free to use his arms to support the both of them now and then. She had more than risen to the challenge he set for her, angel and succubus, all at once. She made him stop to use the wall for support, or the stairs, or a railing, and more than once he cried out, or groaned, or growled. The view was spectacular, once they made it there, though his focus was on the wanton, debauched creature in his arms, or on the same divine woman's tattoo. Jack had a brief thought, during their small break to smoke and breath, that perhaps the architect had fashioned the house with erotic adventures in mind. It was terribly unlikely, of course, but it amused him and so he told Carmen, which led to further and more rigorous efforts to prove or disprove the notion.

Carmen was positive that if she ever wanted to repeat the heights of pleasurable wanton debauchery she and Jack had reached without benefit of his presence, she'd have to issue more then one invitation. But then, one didn't want to go completely wild on a nightly basis. She had seen how jaded the Blood Royal could become, and she didn't want nights like this to fall into the commonplace. It was good that she was leaving, she thought. Returning to her passionate but sedate in comparison sculptor who was mad for her and claimed her as his Muse.

Jack was not the sort to attempt to be anyone's ball and chain. He had approached Carmen without knowing she was a woman of Substance, and there had been what he would consider mutual seduction, as they felt each other out. The mistake people make is thinking that seduction is always smarmy and flowering, and while it can be both, and even sincere, the two of them had simply gone with honesty for the most part. Intentions had been very clear from the beginning, that they were of similar tastes and temperaments was the cherry atop a day that had turned into the mother of all sundaes; a banana split of a day with scoops of every flavor, sauces (chocolate, strawberry, and caramel), and whipped cream. Jack could not have imagined what being with Carmen would be like, having no basis for comparison, but by the Universe and Lady Luck, he meant to hold on to every second and enjoy the living Hell out of it. She had other engagements, and likely other men, certainly at least one other — he had deduced that on his own, connecting portrait to the odd bit around the house. If there weren't another time, though Jack hoped to all the Unholiest and Most Sinful Gods that there would be, he would feel very fortunate for having had the day.

In need of sustenance again in the predawn hours, Carmen made another call — without benefit of a Trump card, Jack finally noticed. Then she sent him downstairs to stir up another pitcher of margaritas while she went and fetched something else. By the time he had gotten back upstairs under the velvet sky, Carmen had a huge steak dinner of thick ribeyes spread out on the tables beside one of the flat reclined loungers. Her painting things were off to one side. She herself was shamelessly sitting straddling the lounger while loading up a humongous baked potato with a handful of grated cheese. Her hair was a wild cascade of waves and curls when she looked up at his reappearance, her nude form gleaming in the starlight of a waning crescent moon.

Jack had left for the margaritas with a spring in his step, singing the Little Jack Horner nursery rhyme, with the scratches on his back, rump, and legs already healing. Carmen could hear, 'Oh what a good boy am I', just before he went inside. He had been quite interested in her Trump ability, explaining to her that he was still getting used to Trumps and traveling in Shadow. He enjoyed the freedom, and the ease, but saw the danger in taking it all for granted. He wanted to stay and experience each place on its own merits, and having lived in Texorami for so long, he took exception to any place other than Amber not being considered 'real'. He reemerged from the house, humming something under his breath, carrying a pitcher and two glasses. He was as nude as Carmen, and just as unabashed. The light made his tattoo seem to writhe and move as he crossed the deck. She was lovely in the moonlight, and he took a moment to admire that, because it was, to his way of thinking, an entirely unique moment. "Aah, Carmen, it's a terrible shame I don't paint." Jack grinned at her, his bright blue eyes almost neon in the reflected light of the moon. "You're a Goddess." He walked over to her and poured her a drink, "A Goddess with an exceptionally erotic vocabulary." He smirked, handed her a glass, and leaned down to give her a kiss, before he took a seat with her. "Steak!" Jack drank half a margarita, and went to work on a steak.

"I have a dirty mouth, as my mother will tell you should you ever meet her," Carmen smirked. She moved the tray of tater fixings sitting on the deck over to him with her foot. She gestured with her glass to her art things in the corner. "And after we eat —and you're in that happy languid state of being, I am going to start your painting. Though I may actually do more then one eventually." When he was between bites, she leaned forward and kissed him across their makeshift table. "In case you hadn't picked up on it, I've had a brilliant time with you."

Jack chuckled, "You've a lovely mouth, and it says wonderful things." He smiled in return, and he glanced at the fixings on the tray. After a few more bites of steak, he decided a potato was also in order. He drank a bit as he listened to her, nodded, and grinned. "That sounds perfect to me." He met her eyes, "Really? I'm flattered, honestly. I don't think I've ever been anyone's subject before, not counting groupies, and they produce work of the 'roses are red, violets are blue' variety." He laughed, and continued with his meal. When she leaned forward, he gladly stopped, and kissed her fervently in return. Jack's smile was bright indeed, the sort of expression that could power lights. "I have noticed, and truly, so have I. I've never had such a fantastic surprise, and this has easily been the best night I've spent in dusty old Amber." He reached up to cup her chin, and traced her lower lip with is thumb. "Remember, at some point, to come back for your songs."

"I'll be returning." She pointed up at the moon. "For the full moon. I promised to show Remington Tir — at least from here." She sipped her drink thoughtfully before going back to her meal. "He's a student at the Royal Begman Academy of Art. In his last year. I'll probably finally come settle down for awhile when he graduates."

Jack tilted his head slightly, bright blue eyes meeting hers. "I'm glad to hear that. The Quarter would be a less lively place." He smiled, "Aah, your Sculptor then." He had a drink of his margarita, "Lucky bastard." He nodded, "I've heard of Begma, though I think it is to Kashfa I will go next. I've read amazing things about the Marrakesh Night Market in the East there." He slid his fingertips lightly along her thigh, "I'm always listening for something new" Jack grinned, "I certainly found that tonight." He leaned forward and kissed her for a long pleasant moment, and offered her a piece of his steak.

"You'll love Kashfa," she grinned before wrapping her lips around the offered fork and slowly pulling back with the morsel of steak in her mouth. She finished it off before continuing. "That's where Basir is from. There's a place in the foothills where the nomadic tribes spend the summer months. You should drop in for a visit there."

Jack smiled, "I am certain I will. There is so much for us to see, Carmen." He gestured around them, "I mean, we thought the Castle and Kolvir were full of wonders, and now we found the City, the Quarter and you." He drank deeply of his glass, "I could probably live a year in Kashfa, or with your nomads in the foothills, and not see everything it had to offer. There is a wealth of experience out there, and I want to put it in a cup and drink it all in." Jack drank more of his margarita to punctuate his words. "I will see the nomads, and the Market, and so much more." He laughed, "Where does one begin when the Universe is your oyster?" Jack smirked, "For me, my journey began with a woman, an angel and a succubus all at once."

"Really? What's her name?" Carmen grinned. She waved a hand towards the distance. "I started out there. I took the Pattern after being acknowledged by Oberon, and promptly left. I taught myself how to do the things they told me about before I walked it. Have you been to Rebma? You should. It's like nowhere else. After that I started at the far edges of the GC and have been working my way in. Begma's my last stop before returning to settle in Amber." She stopped to take a drink. Then she offered him a floret of cheese covered broccoli. "After I get back, if you're here, I may just have to take you to this delightful version of Atlantis I have found. They'll love you there, my Satyr."

Jack grinned, and answered readily. "Her name is 'Song'. If you rub her the right way, she even sings rather prettily." He followed her gesture, and nodded. "We were in Texorami for our whole lives. Folks are long lived, I hear that might be our fault, and Dad's. It's all we've known, and it was a good life — with a lot of confusion and acceptance of that." He smiled, "It might surprise you to learn that Kay and I have a mischievous streak about a mile wide and just deep. We got in plenty of trouble, and tested ourselves. Mom didn't know why we could do the things we did, though she only knew the half of it. We never told her about my Shape-shifting, it seems silly now, but we were worried about winding up in the kind of jackets where you hug yourself all day, or science projects." He smiled, "I've heard that they don't really wear clothes in Rebma, reason enough to visit." He listened to her talk about the Golden Circle, accepting the bit of broccoli with a sigh and a smirk. "Oh, I'll be here, or about, and all you have to do is paint, and you have my number." Jack smiled, "Atlantis? Oh, Angel, you only have to ask."

"I'll be sure and let you know," she replied. "You won't even need to pack." Carmen chewed on a roasted cherry tomato thoughtfully. "I don't think your concerns were silly at all. Hell, there were times I was wary of people realizing how fast I healed, or how long I could dance without breaking a sweat. It's one of the reasons why I chose not to follow in my mother's slippers; the other being the fact that I would rather design and paint, as I said. We're better, brighter, faster. When we're out there with no idea who and what we are, it can be risky. Brand told me to never donate blood after making sure I never had; not only are we unclear on what it could do to the recipient, but we don't want it ending up under a microscope." She shrugs. "It's all moot now."

Jack grinned, "I'll be sure to be around." He chuckled, "I rarely do." He continued to eat his steak, and then nodded. "Yep. Moot indeed. I think the worst part is just the mystery of it all, well, for us anyway. It was good there were two of us, I s'pose. I'm not sure what I would have done on my own." He shook his head, and let the matter rest. "Old news. No use crying over spilled yesterdays, or something like that." He smiled, "Not when there's so many bright tomorrows ahead." He finished off his steak, and a potato, along with some cheese covered broccoli, and sighed as he put his plate aside. Jack reached up, and played with the ends of her hair, rubbing it in his fingers. "Where'd you learn to make the Trump things? I know that's not something we just do."

Carmen moved her cleared plate to the floor and scooted closer to him, wrapping her legs loosely around his hips. "When they first brought me back after the war, I wasn't — I didn't feel like I belonged here. Of course, I was up in the castle at the time, which explains it. I was keeping mostly to myself. I didn't really feel comfortable. Like I couldn't be myself. I suspect there were more then a few who were a bit wary because it was Brand that brought me here the first time. I didn't know anybody; Brand was the only one I ever really talked to and he was among the unlamented dead, and I wasn't impressed enough with anyone here at the time to make the effort to draw them out. You know what they're like. I used to go out into the gardens and paint. I knew Fiona was watching me, like she was trying to decide about me. But it was Llewella on one of her rare visits on dry land that actually approached me. She asked to see some of my work, and then invited me to Rebma if I was interested in taking my abilities to a new level." She smiled. "There's more I can learn yet, but after a year in the serene and peaceful surroundings, I was in desperate need of city with a real night life and a diet that didn't include fish and seaweed."

Jack ran his hands along her thighs, to her hips, and back again. He enjoyed the feel of her soft skin, and the firm muscle beneath. He was silent as she spoke, listening to her intently, and meeting her eyes from time to time. He had never known Brand, by the time Jack and Kaylee were brought to Amber, the War was over. He nodded as she mentioned Family, and how they were. Of them all, his own Father seemed the most like Jack (and Kaylee), but even Random — maybe especially Random — had to play the game, or at least, sit at the table and mind the players. "Our experience wasn't much better than yours. Though we sorta took advantage of being the King's kids, and made it work. We're not 'medieval' by any stretch. I mean, there's some beautiful places in the City of Amber, gorgeous buildings, clever technology, but — it's still a little — backward, I suppose. We missed Texorami. We learned what we had to about The Pattern, but Kaylee's better at that stuff." Jack smirked, "I don't think they knew what to do with us." He smiled, and leaned forward to kiss her because she was close. "It reminds me of old players on The Strip. We have these regulars, guys who come in every day, play their games and go home. Every day. They don't know how to stop. It's not about the money anymore, they're old hands, so they've been flush or flat more times than they can count. I think they're all like that." He gestured in the general direction of the Castle, "They don't know how to stop." He smiled, "So, it's time for us to do some traveling."

Carmen laughed while her fingertips played over the muscles of his chest and shoulders. "Well, you find someplace you really like and want a quick passage to, you give me a call and I'll make it happen for you. I think I have more place Trumps then people because my Pattern abilities are the bare essentials and I hate horseback riding for more then an hour—tops." She draped her arms over his shoulders and the fingers of one hand curled around to play with his hair. "There's only so long I can go without air conditioning, electricity and ice on demand. I'm seriously trying to work out a way to have a trump to a fridge/freezer out in shadow that I pay someone to keep stocked."

Jack's back arched slightly, creating subtle curve to his spine as he rose to her touch unconsciously. "If I do, I will happily do just that." He smiled, "But to give you a call I would need your phone number." His fingertips ran up her sides slowly, "I think its a terribly handy skill. I mean, it certainly has come in handy today." He laughed, "The thought of your perfect bottom bruised by a saddle -" He looks thoughtful, "-well, its not how I'd bruise it." Jack grinned, his eyes closing as she played with his hair. "Yes! Mother would call them 'modern amenities'. Ice should not be a commodity." His eyes opened, "That would be fantastic." Jack drew her closer, his hands sliding down to her bottom. "I might be able to help, actually. I would just need to check back home."

"No rush," she smiled. "And I'll give you my 'number' before I leave." She leaned in and kissed him deeply. "But right now, I want to paint you…"


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