The Dossier of Rebecca K. James

Coat of Arms: Per pale sable and gules, two horses bridled of the field combatant and in chief three crosses moline argent

Occupation: Horse Rancher


Parentage: King Eric, and the late Katherine James of the Lone Pine Ranch, Silver City, Shadow Cimarron.

Siblings: None known.

Apparent Age: Mid - Twenties

Known Relationships: Rebecca is close to her father, finds Gerard fun to drink with, and anyone who can tame that monster of a horse out in Arden has at least her attention. Finn is unique to her experience (as she is to his) and she finds him amusing. One might even suspect she goes out of her way to confuse him. Florimel despairs every time she hears the jingle of Rebecca's spurs.

Trump Description: "I turned over the next card and paused at the sly look of the woman depicted there in black, her pose casual. The smile hovered, tugging lightly at the corner of her mouth, half of her face caught in the light. Behind her was only the big blue sky caught in that time between sunset and night. Dressed all in black, the light fitted duster showed just enough of the black satin underneath to tantalize. It was an ensemble I had seen before; at Eric's Coronation. The eyes under the Stetson were full of challenge and promises unspoken. It was a dare that tempted me. She was Rebecca, rowdy and outspoken daughter of the King, and I wasn't fooled by the veneer of softness the image implied."


General Personality: Rebecca tends to an odd mixture of honest curiosity and brutal honesty. Laid back and casual, she's perfectly content to let quite a bit roll right over her. On the other hand, if you get her riled, she's perfectly content to take it out of your hide. She is very much a Daddy's Girl in some respects, and is more likely to get up in your face for bad-mouthing Eric then for trying to insult her - and she doesn't care who you are. Once she decides you're her friend, there isn't much of anything she won't do for you if needed. On the other hand, if you're an enemy she won't cross the road to spit on you if you were on fire. She has a rather earthy sense of humor and doesn't even bat an eye when the language and stories turn off-color; she usually joins right in if she is not actually the instigator.

Physical Description: "Boots, chaps and cowboy hats… nothin' else matters." Tanned and toned, Rebecca stands at 5'11" in her bare feet; Eric's daughter is a tall, leggy woman. Handling horses isn't a job for the dainty, and her well toned and defined musculature is proof of that. High cheekbones and a strong jaw inherited from her father combine with the sun-streaked dark brown hair worn shoulder length and smoldering golden brown eyes of her mother to make Rebecca a stunning young woman. Since her arrival in Amber, she has not been seen without a pair of boots and rarely without a hat, or wearing anything fancier then her jeans. She still wears her pearl handled six-shooter more often then not, even if it doesn't work in Amber it still gets her point across. She speaks with a cowgirl drawl peppered with words and phrases that amuse her father but aren't necessarily understood by everyone else.


Distinguishing Marks: She still has a faint scar in the middle of her back from a run-in with a barbed wire fence when she was 16.

Hang-outs and Haunts: "If it doesn't involve ropin', ridin', or saddles, count me out." Rebecca can be found where the horses are. She visits the Royal Stables daily, as that's where Demon is, but she seems to enjoy hanging out in the Military Stables and Yards, observing the training and maneuvers and putting her own horse through his paces there when they aren't tearing around the flatlands. She has taken to trying to figure out how to finagle a ride on Morgenstern from Julian; so far, no luck. Her favorite tavern in town is the Cock & Bull, where she is often to be found engaging in a round of Poker or competing with the other patrons to see who can tell the biggest whopper with a straight face. Sometimes she even has her guitar. While she prefers to just play, she can sometimes be cajoled into singing for the crowd.

Casting: Terri Clark


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