"When you count your blessings, count your horse twice."

Like all Speakers in Cimarron, Rebecca embarked on a Spirit Quest when she was a teenager. Not all those who experience the Quest return with something tangible, but it isn't unheard of. Most return with a new-found sense of purpose, a more mature way of thinking, and their Totem animal. Lucky ones find not only their spirit totem, but a very real familiar. Rebecca returned with Demon.

"Alone out in tha wilds fer the whole thang. Jest me and a kettle of nasty ass tea. But when I come to, there was a strange horse in my camp. Said I summon'd him up, an' so he came."

A stunning stallion, as easily recognized as Morgenstern with his night black coat and brilliant mane and tail like spun gold, Demon is likely the only living thing that has spent as much time with Rebecca as Wyatt. He knows her well, and is as loyal as one could wish. His personality can be rather intense, but he has a playful side with Rebecca and Tristan. Wyatt swears the horse gave him the "Big Brother Talk", and the cowboy has a healthy respect for the animal that was eventually returned by the horse.

Rebecca always accepted that Demon was special, but it wasn't until they were involved in their first engagement with the creatures from the Black Road that she appreciated just how special he was.

She suspected Eric had something to do with his arrival, but her father continues to deny all knowledge of Demon's origins.


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