The Cenotaph Road

The two women leave the room, to the amused expressions of their elders. The hall is normally busy, as pages and servants rush around attending to matters.

"So," Skye says as she comes up beside Saffron several doors down from the sitting room. "I am tempted to ask why they need us to hang around here underfoot, when they can clearly handle all this on their own. Apparently you and I are the only ones surprised to find Deirdre alive. Gerard didn't even blink when I told him, and Random already knew when I went to get him. How, I don't know, since Gerard didn't have the opportunity while we spoke through the Trump." She tilts her head to one side thoughtfully. "Also, Gerard's abilities have been wildly underestimated if he saw the blade that damaged your mother's armor on the field of Patternfall, all the way from this end of Everything. And I get the feeling Julian has just been humoring me all these years I've been in Arden. Like I am some small child playing dress up as a soldier."

The first sign of real anger starts to leak through her voice as she continues. "If your mother was well enough to travel, I would suggest taking her to Scythia. Where the Elders are not so condescending and omnipotent, and the healers would actually — oh, I don't know — heal."

Saffron huffs, and a candle lights itself as she passes. "Callous," she growls unhappily. "Did you see how callous Random was? No wonder Mom never liked him much." She glares at a tapestry on the wall as she continues onward down the hallway, marching through the singed smell like she can't tell it's there. "And armor!" She stops dead in the middle of the hall and turns to face Skye, scowling and waving her arms to emphasize her point. "ARMOR doesn't help with the liquefaction when you hit the ground! It just keeps you from becoming a flat pancake!" She spins on her heel and continues to stalk down the hall, the tapestry visibly smoldering now. "And what was that? 'Oh, we heal fast, and she'll heal faster, no need to splint anything'? That doesn't even make sense! Healing fast and healing straight aren't the same thing! And Gerard completely missed the point!" she finishes, stopping to turn and look at Skye again, hands on her hips. "How was I assuming he was talking over me? I was trying to figure out why there had to be four people in the room!" She huffs again, and smoke starts rising from a nearby table.

Skye eyed the physical representations of Saffron's temper with the blase air of someone used to such displays. She finds them much less alarming here then when they show up at the house. As she watches the table behind Saffron, start to smolder, she hooks an arm through the thoroughly cheesed off other woman's and steers her down the hall. If she stays there, the chances of the table going *poof* are very real. Best to spread out minor damage over a large area, is Skye's opinion.

She waves her free hand in a gesture of annoyance. "I know!. I also can't believe he called you girl. I realize they are older then most dirt, but we are not children. I am really quite put out with Gerard." Skye looks over her shoulder behind them to make sure they aren't being followed before adding; "Random, on the other hand…. there's a reason he gets along so well with Corwin." The way Skye manages to make the man's name sound like a foul curse dripping with venom and disdain really is rather artistic. "But I was rather surprised at how flippant he was being. They are not stupid, but to act like it was no big deal that your mother was laying there near death, and having no hint of compassion is just beyond the pale."

"I am put out with both of them," Saffron snaps as she lets herself be led along. "No wonder no one can stand the rest of the family. Just imagine the childhood conversations. 'Ooo, look, Corwin fell out of a tree and broke their arm. Let's grab his elbow and flop the wrist around and laugh at how funny it looks when there's a joint in the middle.'" She scowls at an inoffensive painting for a moment, and then mutters a Scythian curse under her breath that Skye hasn't heard her use before. "Bastards!" she adds. "It's a bloody miracle any of them survived to get on the throne, if they all take such 'good care' of themselves."

Skye leans in a gives Saffron a quick kiss at her temple. "Frankly, I think you handled yourself admirably. I kept waiting for Random's hair to catch fire. It would have given me a chance to break that atrocious vase in there over his head. To put the fire out, of course."

Saffron huffs again, with perhaps a little less emphasis, as Skye kisses her temple. "I wouldn't have set his hair on fire. Maybe his pants. That might have been amusing."

As Skye leans in to Saffron, she catches, in the corner of her eye, a ghost of an image in one of the mirrors along the hall. Maybe it warped a little from the sheer fury Saffron was emitting, or maybe not. It seemed to be a woman with ash blonde hair, but there was no one of such a nature in the hall - in honest fact, with Saffron's rage being so clearly obvious, there was only the two of them in the hall.

Skye freezes beside her, her gaze caught by the mirror over Saffron's shoulder. "Hey," she says quietly. "Anyone with ash blonde hair in the family tree?"

"If there is another ghost behind me, I am setting it on fire," Saffron answers very seriously, without turning around. "I don't know of anyone, but that doesn't mean there isn't, since 'not able to keep their equipment properly in their pants' numbers among the many character flaws of the men in our family."

"I'm uncertain that ectoplasm burns," Skye answers, narrowing her eyes and field of vision to see if she can get a better look. "But the mirror she's in might."

"A mirror?" Saffron makes a face, but otherwise stays still, as though she's not entirely sure she should turn around to look. "Great. An additional complication to make my day even better. What is she doing in the bloody mirror?"

As Skye narrows her vision, the person disappears, as if she were never there. Skye frowns. "Gone. I don't much care for the notion of being spied on from mirrors. There are too many of the blasted things in this rock pile." With a further furrowing of her brow, she moves up the hall towards the next
mirror to make sure it was showing only what it is supposed to.

Saffron trails after her, glancing into the first mirror finally. "There was an atmosphere to it, if that helps," she offers grumpily. "Didn't notice until it was gone. Maybe we can at least move Mom to the house so we can sleep somewhere that isn't going completely insane."

"Skye?" Saffron says, halting. "Remind me to add this to the list of things to discuss with Aunt Fiona." She slowly moves closer to the mirror. "There's some sort of Power here… and it's not Pattern and it's not the same as what caused our lovely flaming friend yesterday." With extreme caution, Saffron touches the glass of the mirror with one finger.

Skye turns from checking the hallway when Saffron speaks. She stiffens when the other woman reaches out to the touch the mirror and resists grasping her shoulder instead.

"Is that wise?"

Wise or not, Saffron's hand touches the mirror's surface. Fortunately, nothing untoward occurs.

"Probably not," Saffron agrees. "But since it didn't actually eat me, it wasn't completely stupid either. I'm not sure what it is, Skye. It's not Pattern, and it's weaker than Pattern, but…" She shrugs slightly. "If I thought it would do any good, I'd take the mirror with us, but I don't think it'll be worth it. It's fading… Maybe I can get a better idea before it goes." She proceeds to try to do so.

"Right. We're taking it with us," Saffron says abruptly after a moment. "And a blanket or something to wrap it in." She starts taking down the mirror.

Skye gives her an incredulous look, but seeing the other woman's determination, she sighs and looks around the hallway for a handy banner or something. "You realize Flora is going to have a conniption at your impromptu redecorating."

"Good. She can annoy Random," Saffron answers. "It's like it's been primed for something; I'd like to study it, but mostly, I don't want to leave it alone in the middle of a hallway."

"Does that mean we need to examine all the mirrors in the castle?" Skye asks with a sense of dread. "If one has been primed, who is to say more haven't? And for what purpose? To spy? As portals for transport?" She furrows her brow in thought. "Were there mirrors near the locations we saw the apparitions?"

Saffron groans. "I didn't even think of that…" She glares at the mirror. "Maybe we can get them all covered temporarily. I don't know if that'll do any good, but it's better than nothing. I'll probably still have to look at them, though, especially with Auntie Fi out of town." There's a sigh, and she looks over at Skye. "I don't know yet, and I don't remember. I hope not. I don't want to deal with ghost or resurrection mirrors again - the Shadow versions were annoying enough."

Skye gives her a sheepish smile. "Sorry sweetheart. We'll take this one and then grab a page to go forthwith and cover all mirrors in the common areas and empty bedrooms." She cross the hall and unhooks a banner. Spreading it on the floor, she stands back to allow Saffron to lay the mirror down before folding the fabric around it.

The mirror is very heavy, even for one of Amber's Royal family, and very well set upon the wall. This doesn't stop Saffron, but it does make the removal of the mirror difficult work. It does come off the wall, however, finally.

As Saffron finally removes the mirror, Skye notices something odd about the wall behind it - something about the stone and its construction catches her attention. A slightly longer examination, and Skye notices a small pebble lodged in the otherwise smooth mortar. There's enough of a gap between the pebble and the mortar that it probably isn't well set in.

Aside from the pebble, there are cracks along portions of the mortar that seem to Skye's eye to be too regular for age or settling.

"Oh… hello," Skye says with a lilt of curiosity in her voice. "What's this then?" She steps over to run her fingers along the cracks. Then she silently draws one of her blades and holds it ready. "You might want to move your prize off to one side," she warns before poking at the pebble as if it were a button to press.

Saffron snorts. "It's hardly a prize." But she obediently drags the mirror off to one side.

When Skye pokes at the pebble, it moves in, just like a button. A section of the wall moves backwards with it, until that section lays just behind the wall proper. There's no further movement, but Skye easily figures that it must slide now that it's not blocked by the rest of the wall.

Looking over her shoulder, Skye quirks an eyebrow at her partner of mischief. "This could be useful," she says with a waggle of her eyebrows. "Feel up to exploring? Stash the mirror under a sofa or something until we get back."

"Well, that's new. Of course I'll come, but I wonder if…" Saffron trails off, staring at the mirror. "Would it be crazy of me to suggest that maybe we saw a woman in the mirror because there was a woman behind the mirror?"

"Any other day, I would say yes," the Ranger admits with a shrug. "But after today? Not at all."

"Oh good." Saffron turns the mirror around and closely examines the back of it.

The mirror's back is opaque, as with any other mirror she's seen. It seems unlikely that the image could have come from behind the mirror.

It takes a little bit of trial and error, but Skye quickly learns the right pattern to move the piece of wall - sideways just a bit, then up, then back to the other side, before letting it slide down. The space revealed is about five feet square, with a ladder on the back wall, leading to a trap door in the ceiling of the space.

Moving to the middle of the space, Skye peers upwards and then hums under her breath. "Trap door," she informs Saffron. "I'll go first."

She pulls a dagger from her boot and clenches it between her teeth before mounting the ladder, carefully testing it with each step to make sure it's stable. At the top, she stops and presses her ear to the crack between door and ceiling to see if she hears the sounds of human activity.

"The mirror seems to be physically normal," Saffron offers as she leaves it and follows the ranger.

The trapdoor is well fitted to the ceiling, and shows no sign of swelling or other maintenance problems, but there is dust on the floor and the rungs of the ladder, showing that no feet have rested on either. Nor can Skye hear anything through the door, whether due to thickness or nothing to hear, she can't tell.

Glancing back down at Saffron, Skye nods to let her know she's going ahead. Then she braces one hand against near one edge of the trapdoor and pushes it up slowly. Just an inch or so to allow her to see into the room. Once she's fairly certain it's empty, she'll go ahead and open it all the way.

Saffron waits… about as patiently as she ever waits, shielding her eyes against what she expects will be a faceful of dust as she looks up.

An inch is not sufficient, as Skye quickly learns. The trap door is thick - a good three to four inches of solid stone - and has to be pushed entirely out of its hole before it will tip at all. Once it's out of the hole, however, it tips very easily, stopping at a slight angle to the floor, and letting Skye look into the area.

What she sees is a narrow corridor running perpendicular to the hall below. From the layout, she can easily determine that it could potentially provide access to Fiona's chamber, Eric's old chambers, and Llewella's chambers. A quick glance along the corridor shows four spaces that could probably be additional trap doors.

"Oh, ho!" Skye grins. She turns to look back down at Saffron. "Go back. I want to shut the entrance to this before we go further. "I want to see for sure where it goes without alerting every adventurous soul in the place. I think I can get to my rooms from here."

Saffron looks up at her curiously. "Reaaally. So what we've got," she starts back down, "is a mirror that's been enchanted with an unknown power and is a pain to move… a secret door that opens onto the back of it… and a trap door that opens up near your rooms." She shakes her head. "How comforting. I'm sure I've said this at least once today, but… we're sleeping at my place again - if we have to carry the couch with Mom on it down there ourselves."

Skye follows her, dropping the last few feet instead of climbing down. "Yeah. Looks like we could get to Fiona's and Llewella's too. There's also some other trap doors to check out to see where they start."

She slips past Saffron and starts working on closing the door to the hallway.

Saffron leans up against the wall. "I think," she says, sounding grumpy again, "one of us should call Gerard or Random and let them know we'll be delayed getting back. Much as I'm worried sick about Mom, these new developments are probably a little more important than sitting there watching her sleep…"

Skye smirks as she looks for how to close the secret entrance. "One would think. But then again, considering His Majesty's mystic ability to know what's going on by divining it from the very air, I'm sure he is already aware."

The entrance closes easily, and there's a handle on the inside that will allow opening it from within. With the door closed, however, it's very dark within, at least until their eyes adapt to the very little light coming from a single eyehole in the door.

"Well, we can do that after we find some decent light again," Saffron amends. "And I think you should probably make the call, or I'll end up even more cross. Maybe you should be brief to the point of confusion - after all, if he already knows, he won't be confused."

"Later," Skye says with a decided hint of smugness in her tone. "Right now, I have you alone in a dark room that no one can find us in." She grabs the sorceress and pulls her against her. "I would be a bad
girlfriend if I didn't take advantage," she whispers before claiming Saffron's lips and proceeds to kiss her with searing intensity.

Saffron wraps her arms around the ranger and returns the kiss - and actually relaxes. There's even a smile, about the time they come back up for breath. She chuckles, very softly, and offers, "Beat me to it, really."

"I am a Ranger. We're always first into action," says Skye smugly. "And we apparently now do it in secret passageways as well as the bushes." She gives Saffron a more sedate kiss before letting her go. "I am tempted to have my way with you right here." She laughs softly. "It would confuse people, trying to figure out where the moaning was coming from."

Skye gives Saffron's hand a squeeze then returns to the ladder. She moves faster up now that they know what's above them. When she pulls herself out into the hallway, she turns to give Saffron a hand up. "What should we do first? Check the other trap doors, or see where this goes?"

The lack of light from the opening into the hall makes things a little more difficult, but after a few minutes, their eyes adjust, and they realise that there is some light, coming from somewhere. It's enough to let them make their way through, but not enough to see more than about five feet around them.

Skye grumbles wordlessly. "So. Make our way to my rooms and fetch a lamp, or check the other trap doors and hope we find a lamp wherever they open to?"

Saffron glances at her sidelong. "Well, I could go talk to our uncles again," she says, a hint of good humor in her voice. "Let's grab a lamp, or at least a candle." Their voices echo quietly - clearly not loud enough to be heard through the stone walls, but still a little eerie.

With a soft hum, Skye continues down the dim hallway. "I rather hope there are peepholes or something. I do not care for the idea of stumbling into Aunt Fiona's rooms uninvited. That strikes me as dangerous."

"Probably," Saffron agrees as she follows the ranger. "I'll keep a magical eye out, just in case. I should be anyway. There's no telling who has used this passageway, and I'm the one to spot any magical traps, Aunt Fiona's or otherwise." There's a moment's pause, and then she adds innocently, "It's a shame it's so dark. I imagine the view from here is wonderful."

"Oooo.. naughty," Skye laughs softly. "But I'd rather find out where we dare before we start making people believe in a couple of randy ghosts; as entertaining as that would be."

"Tsk. No sense of adventure," Saffron says with a soft laugh of her own. "Hold on; let's stop a moment and let me start looking around for traps. The way this week is going, if we keep walking and talking about it, we'll wander into something…"

Skye dutiful stops at once to allow Saffron time to do her thing. "That will probably dump us in The Nothing, or some such nonsense."

Saffron sighs and shakes her head as she starts her magical scanning. "I hate when the universe decides to play philosophical jokes." After a moment, she says thoughtfully: "Remind me to scan downstairs. Looks like we're clear in here, though. Lead on, sweetheart."

"Yes, m'lady," replies Skye cheerfully. She continues down the corridor toward the rooms that were once Eric's, but she had claimed for herself.

The corridor is small, but the two have no trouble navigating it, though single file is the only option. Before they reach the section that Skye thinks is above Eric's chambers, they pass another. Based on location, it's probably right next to the one sitting room on this level.

Skye makes a note of the location. "We'll check that after we have a light. There should be some listening holes around these, I would think. And peepholes. A spy would want to check before entering an area."

"So would family," Saffron answers with a smirk in the deep dimness. "I wonder where else has hidden passages around here."

Saffron stops dead. "What on earth?" She edges a bit closer to the image to look at it better. "Skye? There's a Pattern drawn on the wall here…"

Skye is immediately back by her side. "There's a what?" she asks in surprise. "What's on the other side of this?" She looks around and frowns. "Damn. I suppose I'll go check out the sitting room then?"

"That should be Llewella's room, right?" Saffron asks, pointing at the other side of the image. "It's kind of halfway between. Is there anything halfway between?"

Looking thoughtfully at nothing, Skye hums. "I don't know. A dividing wall? I'll have to go look. I can pace off how far this is to the trap door, the walk that once I'm in the sitting room." She titls her head and eyes the wall warily. "Could someone use this to Pattern teleport somehow?"

Saffron frowns at it. "I don't know. More things to ask Aunt Fiona, I think. At least this is a recognisable Power…"

"Don't go anywhere," Skye says as she moves towards the trap door they just passed. She opens it cautiously and peers inside.

"I'll even not poke anything this time," Saffron answers agreeably. She waits, studying the wall and the surrounding spells.

Skye sighs and lowers herself to the floor. "Ok. If I go through here, I am going to be below the design you see. Which means it is either high on the wall or between floors. I'll keep the doors open so I can hear you if anything happens - and vica versa."

With that she finds the ladder and lowers herself to the floor to begin looking for the door into the sitting room. The trap door leads down into a dark area that, to Skye's ability to tell, is almost identical to the space behind the mirror through which they entered.

"Okay, sweetie," Saffron says absently as she studies the design. "If you find pen and paper down there, would you bring some up?"

"Sure..," Skye's voice drifts back up.

There is a little light entering the room from the sitting room - it looks to be coming in from a small hole just about eye height on an average man, about 5'9" up or so.

The sitting room is empty. A quick look through the hole shows Skye that it's the Crimson room, where Bleys enjoys spending his days when he's in residence, even though his quarters are closer to the Blue room.

Skye finds the way in and quickly collects what Saffron requested. She doesn't interrupt Saffron's study of the thing, just simply puts the items in the other woman's hand and goes back down to pace out where the Pattern should be on the opposite side of the all.

Skye steps out in the sitting room again and counts out the same number of steps from the door equal to the number of steps from pattern to trap door. Or tries. Skye's steps run out at the wall about two paces before the 'pattern' - as close as she can pinpoint it.

Skye comes grumpily back up the later. She drops the trapdoor in place. "Wall," she says as she rejoins the sorceress. "Like I thought." The Ranger looks at the space in front of her annoyed girlfriend and back at Saffron. "Alright. So to inscribe a Pattern, one needs to have the Jewel of Judgment, right? Is this inscribed? Because my father - who used to hold the Jewel - used to have the room down here."

"It's inscribed, but it's not quite… right." Saffron frowns at it in annoyance. "If I keep poking at it, we may take a short trip to who-knows-where. We could try calling Aunt Fiona, but I don't know that I want to call her from right here. Number one, secret passage that we know nothing about. Number two…" She gestures with the paper at the design on the wall. "Not pleased about making a call next to that."

Skye hooks an arm through Saffron's and nudges her away from the shiny thing. "Then stop poking at it, and let's get to my rooms and you can call her from there."

"I think I heard Corwin mention something about designs like this taking you places," Saffron explains further as she lets her girlfriend lead her away. "He was talking to Aunt Fiona about it, if I'm right. Anything else interesting in the sitting room?"

"No," Skye scoffs. "It's just Bleys' favorite sitting room. The Crimson Room. You should take that into account when deciding the importance of that Pattern, I think. That room isn't even close to his suite. The Blue Room is. Then again, it could just be his vanity that brings him over here."

Saffron chuckles quietly. "I'll ask Aunt Fiona if she knows, just for the sake of research."

"If Fiona doesn't know about, I'd be tempted to try it," Skye muses lowly. "Assuming Fiona would be honest about that." It isn't a big secret that Skye trusts the remaining members of the redhead cabal only slightly more then Corwin. "Maybe it was an early experiment of Brand's - or even Oberon's. There really is a good chance it was Father. He would have been operating with less information then Oberon, which would explain why it's not quite right. We can always come back to it after we try and sneak your mother out of this madhouse, and I chat with the shape shifter. If he's still here when we get around to it."

"Or an experiment of Dworkin's. Or that woman we saw. Or it could have just been here all along," Saffron suggests. "I really don't know." She slows, and then stops suddenly, her fingers tightening against Skye's as she tugs her to a halt too. "We should check the places where the ghosts were - not just for the mirrors, but for more of those. Maybe they're related. Or maybe not…. But it's worth checking."

“Why would Dworkin do that when there was already the finished product?” Skye asks reasonably. She stops when Saffron tugs at her, stepping back half a step. “If you think we should, then we will. Assuming there are secret passageways in those places. But keep in mind they just vanished rather quickly. Too quickly to open a secret passage and close it before we got to the place, and the energy in those places was different, yes?”

"I wasn't thinking that they went into the passage," Saffron said slowly. "I was thinking about the power. There's too many unusual powers floating around… there's nothing to say that there isn't another drawing on a wall somewhere that *isn't* the Pattern like that one."

Skye’s eyebrow curls upward. “We’ll be doing this all day, you realize? Possibly longer. After we get the light, we’ll check out the other doors back there and see where they go. I’ll be really creeped out if we find any more of these rogue Patterns. Just so you know.” With that, she tugs Saffron along to continue on to her rooms.

Saffron sighs. "I know. If it takes a week, it takes a week. But we are *not* sleeping here tonight. And neither is Mom." She obediently starts walking again. "I'm not creeped out… but I'm not *thrilled* either. That's not supposed to be there."

Returning to her rooms is easy enough, and the two quickly ensconce the mirror next to a dresser. Saffron's senses seem a little more sensitive than she's used to, however, and as they walk, she can clearly see the magic used to erect the castle. Not so much in the spells themselves as in the lingering traces of magic.

Skye quickly finds two lamps, and takes the opportunity to change into jeans and an "Arden Rangers: When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best" t-shirt. If she's going to be skulking around in dark passageways, may well have on something she doesn't mind getting dirty. She also finds something of Saffron's in the closet and goes to cajole her into changing out of that spectacular gown before they proceed with exploring and kidnapping Deirdre.

Saffron is frowning and looking around at the walls. "Great," she says grumpily. "Now I'm seeing magic in the walls. Old magic, not the new stuff. I guess because I was looking for magic. It better not continue all day, or I'm going to get annoyed…"

Skye arches an amused eyebrow "Get annoyed? You already are annoyed, my little spitfire. Now, change clothes so we can investigate the rest of this passages. We still have to snag Deirdre and I need to go by the infirmary. How are we going to snag her anyway? I suppose I could go to the house and Trump you, or you can call me as soon as you're alone with her…"

"Go to the house and Trump me," Saffron says firmly. She takes the clothes and obediently starts changing. "If I have to, I will grab your hand, lay down on top of Mom, and roll us off the couch and into the house. I don't think it will be that big of an issue, though. I can't imagine Random's still there, and I can probably shoo anyone else out."

The clothing change completed, the two have whatever time they wish to plot their deed.

After lighting the lamps, Skye closes the secret entrance to her rooms and they slip back into the passageway. “OK. So we go back and investigate the other trapdoors we found, and then we’ll go check the places the ghosts appeared for mirrors or secret doors, yes? Then we go to the Infirmary, and then I shall go back to the house and call you to kidnap your mother. Have I missed anything?”

"Yes," Saffron says, straight-faced. "You've forgotten to allow time for the hissy fit I'm likely to have if today's trend continues. And dinner, which is going to consist mostly of chocolate."

As an afterthought, she adds, "And calling Aunt Fiona. And I wonder if we shouldn't take the mirror with us."

“I’ll pick it up before I go to the house,” Skye assures her. “And hissy fit, chocolate, and Fiona can wait until after we are away from this madhouse.”

"I'll do my best," Saffron answers with a wry smile. "You know as well as I how hard it is to keep certain things under control."

As if on cue, adding to the madness, Skye feels the tingling of a Trump contact. Just a touch, as if the person were merely concentrating on her card while fanning the deck, but it lasts longer than it normally would. Skye stops in midstep and frowns as she pauses to see if anything further is going to occur.
Saffron halts next to her, looking curious. "Sweetheart?"

"I'm beginning to hate Trumps," she mutters. Whatever the Trump touch was, it seems to Skye that it was, indeed, transitory, as nothing more happens as they travel. "Nothing. Someone just spent a moment focusing on my card before moving on, I think."

"Ah," Saffron answers, smirking. "How disappointing. I was rather expecting it to be our next insane situation; it's been a whole ten minutes since the last one."

With a snort, Skye moves onward again. "Come along, Alice. We still have rabbit holes to go down."

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