Her mother was dancing the title role in Carmen when she discovered she was pregnant. Seeing as it was her favorite role, she took it as a sign and named her daughter after the character. Carmen grew up traveling with the ballet company, but spent more time with the set and costume designers then the dancers and was something of a Wild Child. It was one of the costume designers who took young Carmen under her wing and taught her draw, to sketch and to paint. Her subjects were her mother and the other dancers and it wasn't long before she exhibited a true talent in capturing the emotion and the motion of her subjects. It was a little too much life for costume design, so she apprenticed under the set designers until the company manager saw her work and put her on designing their playbills and posters.

When her mother decided to retire, Carmen left the company with her. Used to the nomadic lifestyle of a dance company on the road 8 months out of a year, Carmen couldn't stay put for long. She traveled the world, painting her way across the continent. The sell of her work paid for each leg of her trip.

It was halfway around the world from where she started that the red headed man approached her. The conversation changed her life.

Carmen was brought to Amber by Brand and presented in Oberon's Court as a member of the Royal family with unknown parentage. She stayed long enough to walk the Pattern, then disappeared right back out into Shadow.

She came across the Black Road a time or two in her travels, but knew enough to avoid it. When she eventually sussed out what it meant, she put as much distance between herself and trouble as possible. An artist had no place in a war, she claimed later when asked, and she felt she would be more of a hindrance then a help. One more person that had to be protected when their attentions needed to be on the bigger picture.


It was several years later, after Patternfall when Llewella, Gerard and Flora started searching for the children of Amber to swell their ranks after the losses of the war, that Carmen was returned to Amber. Somewhat aloof at first, Carmen was in Amber proper only a handful of months before relocating to Rebma for a year at Llewella's invitation. When she returned, she let Random know she was back and promptly set up housekeeping down in the City instead of the castle. She flitted about the Golden Circle, appearing in Amber's Artists Quarter now and then for a few years before returning to settle down in a previously acquired house with Remington Burroughs in tow.

Carmen hasn't hung out a shingle emblazoned with "Trump Artist", but if someone asks up at the castle, they might be directed to the eclecticly decorated home of Carmen and Remington in the Artists Quarter, known affectionately as The Garden - which is clearly short for something, but no one's saying more. But that isn't the extent of Carmen's interests; she is also a very popular tattoo artist in the Quarter, and she really does have etchings to show you. Carmen is an excellent cook, having taught herself when she was growing up in an act of self-preservation against the 'rabbit food and bee pollen' diet of her ballet dancing mother. She is the first to admit she is a wretched housekeeper — something that surprised Remington not at all. "Creative minds," he declared, "are rarely tidy."

Carmen hates horseback riding, though she can do it if she's given no other choice, and she can only take so much of life in world with low tech. Every once in awhile she and Remington gather up a group of people and go off into Shadow to spend a weekend or so with modern conveniences like ice on demand, electricity, bright lights and fast cars, often tagging one or both of the Twins to join them.


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