The youngest of the children of Kadmon and Eden, Aurora was living in San Francisco, California where she owned The Silver Broomstick, a quietly successful Occult/New Age shop in the Haight-Ashbury district. Aurora was at the root of the Neo-Pagan movement in Shadow Earth, and through it had an impressive network of contacts through the Shadow.

Weekends would find her at her ranch in the Napa Valley where she raised horses, owned a small winery, and her coven met for High Ceremonies in the recreated Stonehenge that she had built deep in the oak woods on her land. Her home was decorated with mementos and antiques that she's collected over the centuries, each piece attached to a memory or an event from her life. She had converted a suite in her sprawling Spanish villa into a huge library, similar to what she remembered the libraries of the House looking like, that held the books and scrolls that represented a thousand year pursuit of knowledge on the world's philosophies, medicine, religions and Occult. Another, smaller library containing newer books could be found at The Silver Broomstick.

One of the rooms in her home was devoid of all furniture save a computer desk in front of the one window that hadn't been covered. The walls were delicately painted with trees that on closer inspection revealed themselves to be Aurora's various family trees, tracking her descendants through the centuries in the world she had been trapped in for so long.

Over the years she had by necessity of the times attached herself to various, powerful men for protection. While she had loved her children, their fathers - artists and scholars and men of power - held only Aurora's admiration and respect. Her sister Diana knew of most of them. But there was one Aurora would not speak of to anyone after spilling her guts to one brother that showed high on the wall of her descendant room and ended there. Despite the centuries between the event and the present, the pain it brought up was too great for Aurora to speak of with her siblings; not even Diana.

Aurora had watched with childlike wonder as the world's technology has opened up the heavens for all to see and despite her Wiccan ways and environmental outlook, had been a strong supporter of space exploration.

Her door was always open for her brothers and sisters whenever they turned up on her doorstep and need a warm hearth to relax by or just a drink to catch up on things and she never seemed in the least bit surprised to see them.

But it was the one time they all gathered to discuss the strange people contacting each and every one of them with veiled references to the parents they hadn't seen in a thousand years that things started to fall apart.

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