Juliana's Dossier

Coat of Arms: Per bend sinister argent and sable, a tudor rose gules, leaved and seeded proper.

Occupation: Exploration & Imports.


Parentage: Daughter of Blaise and Fidalgo Hidalgo Fauesto Barbosa of Almeida (deceased). Formerly a Privateer in service to Her Majesty Isabella of Sintara.

Known Relationships: Currently Juliana is rarely in Amber so not much is known of her relationships with others of the family, though she seems to have an amicable relationship with her uncle Oberon.

Trump Description:Like all those who have been around in the early years, Juliana has done her share in the defense and building of Amber, and it is this scenario in which she chose to have depicted in her Trump image. Wearing embroidered silk in black and gold, paired with leather scale mail, Juliana stands in the midst of battle; sword in one hand and pistol in the other. She is both beautiful and dangerous.

General Personality: Though easy going and friendly, she doesn't go out of her way to make friends usually. Although if something peaks her curiosity she will cheerfully do so.

Hang outs & Haunts: When in Amber, Juliana can be seen flitting about the castle, riding Ali Baba, or hanging out at the docks. She is a proficient sailor and owns her own ship: a three masted scooner The Wind Rose, and she is more likely to be there then up the mountain.


Physical Description: 5'7" and slender build. Prominent bone structure with high defined cheekbones and a strong square jawline. Natural brunette, though more often then not, her hair is bleched blonde by the sun. Cinnamon brown eyes. Juliana tends towards the attire befitting her station when she's in Amber; gowns of silks, velvets and brocades. She has no preference in colors, although she loathes orange on principle.

Pets: Juliana owns an impressive Harpy Eagle named Dionysos that is down right vicious if he doesn't like you. With a body length of nearly four feet, five inch talons, and a six foot wingspan, Dionysos might be all the protection a woman could need.

She is also the proud owner of a dappled grey stallion, Ali Baba, that was acquired in her home Shadow.

Casting: Keira Knightly

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