Coat of Arms: Sable, a hawk displayed and on a chief embattled Or, three fir trees eradicated sable

Title: Her Grace Skye Barimen, Duchess of Amber

Occupation: Ranger Scout

Parentage: Eric, Former King of Amber

Siblings: None that are known

Apparent Age: Early-Mid Twenties


Known Relationships: Skye has been very close with Saffron the past four years, and usually spends her leaves from Ranger duty at Saffron's house in town. It has been remarked that "they seemed to be joined at the hip". She has several friends in Arden among the Rangers, but has no known romantic entanglements among them. She's jokingly remarked that "none of them measure up to their Commanding Officer, alas."

Trump Description: She appears to be leaning against the frame, arm propped above her head as she gazes out in the distance with shadowed eyes; quiet and watchful. Her rich brown hair falls in loose curls past her shoulders. The silky maroon shirt closed by only two buttons, cuffs loose, as if she had been caught in a moment with her guard down. Shadowy images fill the frame behind her; forest and hawk and a smile.

General Personality: Skye is even tempered with a good sense of humor, though she is far from boisterous. She doesn't seek validation from her peers or her Elders; she is secure with her place in the world. She knows where her strengths lie, and lets the experts handle the areas she holds no talents in. The only people's opinions who seem to matter at all are Gerard's, Saffron's and Julian's as her commanding officer.


Physical Description: Standing 5'6", Skye has a lithe and curvaceous build and moves quietly with the fluid grace of a dancer that serves her well in her capacity as a scout in the Rangers. Chocolate brown hair that falls in loose curls when she wears it down, and blue-green eyes that are especially startling when she's gotten a tan combine with a truly heartbreaking smile to put people at ease if she chooses. Unlike many, she isn't married to the colors in her coat of arms, and rarely limits her attire to black and gold.

Distinguishing Marks: Skye has a tattoo of a colorful firebird in the small of her back. Due to the communal living in Arden, this is not a huge secret, though knowledge of it is limited to her unit mates and those with whom she shares a barracks.

Hang-outs and Haunts: Arden. When on leave, Saffron's place in town. She maintains the rooms at the castle that were once her father's, but has rarely used them since enlisting in the Rangers shortly after Patternfall.

Casting: Denise Richards.

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